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We have some shows announced for Fall '02 already, mostly for the Halloween season. We will be performing the night before Halloween, October 30, at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, at 10:30pm, in the UC. We will also be performing in the Lory Student Center main theatre on Nov. 2; at 9:30pm. You can also catch a couple members of our cast performing, and as trannies, for the Denver Coliseum show on Holloween night, with a band starting at 7pm, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show scheduled to go on at 9pm.

Past show info

Our final show for Spring of '02 went off fabulously. The evening was a switch night, wherein male roles are played entirely by females, and the other way 'round.
Our pre-Easter show went off rather well, thanks to some help from Megan from CEI,who played Magenta, and hopefully new cast member Matt, who played Rocky as the Easter Bunny, handing out eggs with various goodies in them to the audience. The night's cast list can be found here.
Our show in the Ramskeller went off very well, with over 100 people in attendance. Big thanks go out to the members of Colorado's Elusive Ingredient who made the drive up from Denver to attend the show. A cast list for the show is found here.
Our show in Denver on Halloween night was a little unconventional. Due to the fact that the show time was changed by upper upper upper management of the theatre corporate (not the theatre themselves), five days before the show, we had a rather small, but incredibly enthusiastic, audience that night. Due to the small amount of audience, and the fact that there were only two(!?) virgins, we decided to run the show as a tag team night with the audience. The results were predictibly hilarious. There will be pictures of this up soon.
Our show in Boulder went very well, we had an audience that was both huge and incredibly wonderful. For the cast list for this night, click here.
For our show on October 27, in the Lory Student Center, our audience was awesome, really getting into both the preshows, and the show itself. Pictures from the show will be up soon, to see the playbill for the night, click here.

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