Who the fuck are we?

Hi, we're Fort Collins Favorite Obsession, bringing you our own unique brand of crazed, orgasmalicious Rocky-related mania! We were formed from the primordial ooze that is Fort Collins, destined to walk upright among you in fishnets and heels. We are an odd cast, mostly composed of students from Colorado State University, who have nothing better to do with their time than to frighten other people, and dress funny.

Back when the sun was young, a reject from Colorado's Elusive Ingredient, (the Denver cast, we love them, praise praise praise), decided she was sick of driving her cleavage and lesbian to Denver, and would form her own cast, here from whence she came; for the purpose of warping Fort Collins' fragile little mind. At this point she was joined by other local miscreants. And that is how Fort Collins Favorite Obsession came to be. (Genesis 42:69)

Slowly but surely, we are amassing bios for our cast. Click on the lips to be directed to them.

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