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cool video games to play & computer games

neat web sites to go on to

click here to go to elenas web site
click here to find your favorite football players
click here to get cheats for your favorite games
cool downloadable music
click here to take test on books
click here to get free rigtones
click here to here and get ringtones
click here to go to jamster and lisen to ringtones and music
click here to find neat stuff on ebay
click here to go to ambers web site
click here to find out more about your favorite baseball players
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click here to get cool graphics from www.bellnwhisteles .com
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if you want to look for any information this is the place to go
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welcome to my web site,my name is Devin and i'm in 5th grade.
This site was created using angelfire basic editor.
I would like to thank bellsnwehistels for leting me have some of there graphics and midi for letting me use some of there music.
There are eight links is midi where you can downlolad music and put it on your web site and one were you can find out stuff about your favoriye football player then I have a link were you can find cheats for your video games then last but not least I have a link up to my friend elena's web site.

And if you look up you will see a animal that I have at my house. And i would also like to say that you can find some ringtones in two different web sites and all kinds of different ringtones.
And you can click on jamster to listen to all kinds of different ringtones and different kind of music.
and now i just put on were you can go onto ebay but you will need a credit card.
you can also go to my friend ambers web sit.
And I just made it were you can find out about your favorite baseball players.
And if you ever need any information about anything go to ask .com
and my newsest thing i have added is that you can now look at your favorite rock bands on just go into gallery at the top then scroll down and click on the letter of your favorite band.I have just now made it to were you can watch movies on check it out.
And now i made it to were you can now go on to habbohotel and chat whit new people and make new friends.