The Google Game!

I got really really bored this afternoon, so I decided to make my usual rounds of checking everyones blogs... I checked tory's, then Sarah's and Erin's, but not Ariel's because I know he's at camp and that would be pointless. So I had just checked Sarah's and Erin's blog, when I noticed a little link at the bottom saying that their site was hosted by these blogger people . So me, being as bored as I was clicked on it and looked around... it's just how to start your own blog and news and stuff, but at the side there are the top 10 most recently started blogs... I saw one called "Deb online", so I got interested and clicked it. Other than the title, "Deb Online: Ever stop thinking and forget to start again?" (which I love, because it is SO me) the blog was pretty boring... so I'm scrolling down when I see her results from the google game! For those of you who don't know, the google game is where you go to and type in "debby is..." or "debby will" (putting in your name of course) and seeing what you get. The quotation marks are very important! I know how pathetic this sounds, but the results you get are interesting!!

Here are mine:

  • Debby is one of the Royal Ambassadors for Royal & Langnickel Brushes and a Delta Associate Designer

  • Debby is happy where she is

  • Debby is out at sea

  • Debby is expected to increase in strength

  • Debby is moving toward the west near 16 mph (26km/hr)and is expected to resume a west-northwest direction

  • Debby is also available for seminars at local bass clubs or organizations

  • With her high-lighted hair, heavy make-up, shiny dress and lolling posture, Debby is the classic gangster's moll (wtf is a moll???)


  • Debby is a member of St. Frances of Roman Catholic Church

  • Debby is churning through the Caribbean away from Puerto Rico

  • Debby is able to offer her clients an informed, knowledge of this market

  • Debby is pretty cute and is more than happy to go for a drive with you

  • Debby is a 45 year old homemaker with a 16 year old son at home

  • Debby is married and has five children (two sons and three daughters)

  • Debby is a perfect match for Mississippi Love

  • Debby is standing by a pyramid in Egypt!

  • Debby will be appearing in a Long John Silvers commercial airing in the Los Angeles viewing area

  • Debby will get her wish

  • Debby Will Not Do Dallas Again!

    that one is my all time favourite

    Ok, in case you couldnt tell, there was a storm called Debby recently, or possibly still, but that's what some of that is about. And I swear I didn't make any of these up!! I just think they're too funnie and had to share it with the world! I think I'm gonna do one with Tory's and Ariel's names now...

    • Tory is a club's dream

    • Tory is seriously one of the coolest guys I know

    • Tory is such a gullible creature

    • Tory is depressed

    • Tory is quick to seize chances

    • Tory is a very delicate organism

    • Tory is said to have magical

    • Tory will bite if you pet him in the wrong spot (lmao tor, i never knew that one)

    • Tory will pop back up to do her damage

    • Tory will get hers

    • Tory will obey the commands Sit, down, stay, play "dead", shake, roll over, hug, kiss, talk

    • Ariel will eat anything made of cloth or yarn

    • Ariel will receive only thank you letters and newsletters

    • Ariel will freeze if it rides in a truck

    • Ariel will always be a part of Israel

    • Ariel is the recognized leader in designing

    • Ariel is an albino bunny

    • Ariel is quite a character

    • "Ariel" is Hebrew and means "Lion of God"

    • Ariel is real

    • Ariel is just one of many mythical, magical creatures

    • Ariel is the only gold medal winner against wines with alcohol

    • Ariel is a magician

    • "Ariel" is a 58 year old man in a sailor moon costume (woah!!! Ariel!! I NEVER woulda guessed!!!)

      I dunno... look closely... and kinda squint... could be a man...hey... is that a wig?!?!

      Thank you for allowing me to waste your time!! If you find more interesting ones, send them to me! I'd love to hear em! There will prolly be more up soon.. when I get bored again...