and here are the fanfics.........

Love is just part of the deal
By TrunksForever_gurl

It's the average V/B fanfic. Bulma is starting to get over her breakup with Yamcha. Something starts to happen to Vegeta. He doesn't know what it is. He gets this strange feeling whenever he's around Bulma. Is it love?
Rated: R (Mild Lemon,Strong Language, the works.)

Cries In Pain~*NEW*~
By EOC, Tsuki-chan, and Shindragon

It's another V/B fanfic with a little twist. Vegeta rapes Bulma and then starts to develop feelings for her. The only question is...does she love him back? It's my favorite fanfic of all time. so please please please read it if you can. WARNING: This is a lemon Fanfic. If you're under 18, don't read it. But if you are and u can actually read it...go right on ahead, i'm not going to get in trouble.
Rated:NC-17(Rape, Sex, and other lemony stuff the pure people of this world won't read about. This means you Hannah.)

A Beautiful Arising
By Super Girl
V/B A/U. It's set on Vegetasei where Bulma and Vegeta both lives. Suddenly out of the blue, during a dance, Vegeta bites her neck. Things turn from bad to sour when it turns out that Bulma isn't old enough to be mated, but then already kind of mated with Vegeta. What's going on?

By TrunksForever_gurl

A hilarious fanfic about Gohan, who's tired of doing homework, flies to the Capsule Corporation to hide from Chi-Chi. With the help of the DBZ fighters, this little event turns into a horrifyingly hilarious tale of stupidity, secret rooms, and frying pan head banging. You HAVE to read this!
Rated: PG-13 (For use of some adult situations)

By TrunksForever_gurl
If there was ever a sad story that would actually make you cry, here it is. Dude, I was crying while I was writing it. It's about Bulma (Future Trunks' Time) reliving her sad memories
Rated: G (But SERIOUSLY! It's really sad!)

Saiyan Madness
By Mick

This is a humorous story, yet action (hehehehe) story about other surviving saiyans coming to Chikyuu to finish Vegeta and Nappa's mission. They're met by the Z-Soldiers who don't want them to destroy the world. Who will win? Read and Find out!
Rated: PG (Note: Some mild cussing, but nothing too big.)

Camp Saiyan
By TrunksForever_gurl
An innocent fanfic about the four Saiyan men going camping. Oh there's some absolutely hilarious scenes, and some Blair Witch wannabee scenes, but other than that YOU MUST READ IT! FUNNY!
Rated: PG

Vegeta's Heart
By Super Girl
It's about Vegeta (duh!) and his battle with his heart and what he is becoming. MUST READ! It's beautiful.

Bulma's Heart, A Conclusion to 'Vegeta's Heart'~*new*~
By Super Girl
It's about Bulma's view of what's happening to her. About her love for Vegeta. It's kind of a songfic. But believe me, it's good. Rated: PG