The one hoppin' place that recaps vampire type films (ahem) and other such . . . things.

The moment I dreaded for months has arrived. After putting it off and amid much conflicting feelings, I have braved John Carpenter's Vampires and lived through it. You'd better appreciate this.

ZOMBIES . . . for now

Eventually, fake crappy essays of some kind will go here, depending on whether I feel like it or can find people to do it. If that's the case, then expect this space to remain an empty, depressing waistland.


So far the only other review on the whole page is Dracula.

Here be monsters.

It'd be pretty dishonest of me to put up a site of vampire movie recaps without recognizing my proud predecessors.
Jabootu--The first and still the most extensive site for recaps of horrible movies. Very observant guy, if kind of reflexively conersative at times.
Agony Booth--Lot of different folks recapping horrible movies, usually more modern than Jabootu.
X-Entertainment--The ultime pop cultural repository by a rather clever and insightful participant in that very culture many of us grew up on.