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Colville Pet Rescue works to adopt dogs and other pets from the local
shelter and place them into homes emphasizing appropriate and humane
treatment of the animals that are adopted.  TO MAKE A DONATION:  Mail 
to Colville Pet Rescue, 1250 N. Hwy 395, PMB 266, Colville WA 99114

Welcome to Colville Pet Rescue!

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Thank You To all Supporters!
Special Thanks
 Flour Mill Farm & Hardware  Pooch Parlor, 
Creekside Veterinary Service, KCVL Radio,
Statesman Examiner, Safeway,
Wal-Mart, Super One,
Echo Ridge Veterinary Clinic.

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Colville Pet Rescue Mission Statement
Colville Pet Rescue is a non-profit rescue and referral organization
dedicated to placing unwanted pets into suitable homes, and preventing
unwanted pets from overloading the shelter system.  Towards attaining
these goals, Colville Pet Rescue (henceforth referred to as "rescue") promotes
responsible dog ownership by educating the public in the selection, care
and training of pets appropriate to their situation.   Rescue works
cooperatively with breeders, animal shelters, breed clubs, other rescues,
and individuals to accomplish these goals.

How Colville Pet Rescue Operates:

Individuals who have pets to place, and individuals would like to adopt a
dog, call our phone number, 684-1475 or 684-8979 or 732-4126

 For dogs being picked up, Rescue works with the dogs present owner to see
if education and training will relieve the situation that is the reason the
owner wants to release the pet.  If the situation is such that the owner
still wants to release the pet, if Rescue has space for the pet in the
program, Rescue has the owner sign an Owner
Release.   If no space is available, Rescue will inform the owner
of avenues to pursue to find the animal a home. 

Individuals who would like to adopt contact Rescue.   Prospective owners
must complete an application and a contract with Rescue.   Their homes are
visited to ensure they meet the animal's requirements.   Once these
requirements are met, the pet will be placed with the prospective owner
for a trial period, to ensure family and pet are compatible.   All dogs must
be spayed/neutered and all immunizations are current.   New owners must agree to license the pet and maintain humane care of the dog.   Any breach of
the contract will result in Rescue reclaiming the dog.

Rescue's main objective is to prevent the euthanization of
animals that have been brought into the shelters.   Rescue  is
establishing a cooperative arrangement with our area shelters.


A BIG Thank You!  
To the following Businesses for helping C.P.R. 


Flour Mill 
Farm and Hardware

Flour Mill Farm and Hardware 
466 W 1st Ave Colville WA 99114
"Over 67 brands of dog food, including
all natural formulas"

The Pooch Parlor

We Do All Pets
The Pooch Parlor
272 N Lincoln Colville WA 99114
Call 684-5480




KCVL Website Click Here!

Statesman Examiner The Newspaper of Eastern Washington
Statesman Examiner
Visit their website Click Here

Wal-Mart in Colville, a great friend!

Echo Ridge Veterinary Clinic


Contact Information

To contact us simply email us by clicking here. 

509-684-1475 or 684-8979 or 732-4126
last update: 12/21/04
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