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Past Layouts

In the beginning this No Doubt page it had no theme it had nothing special had a few links, pictures.

This was when I was first started building websites....not bad


Ok this is the page you see today, back in like March I decided I was going to totally change my website.

So I started thinking of possible themes and names my fist idea was to name it Sapphire Skies after my favorite song Don't Let Me Down.

But when I did some research to see if someone took that name and unfortunately it was. So one day I was listing to my Return Of Saturn album and

I was noticing how the colors where on the album so I was looking through the songs and I found Comforting Lie when I did some research I didn't find

anyone who had a ND fan site named after it.

And that's how Comforting Lie became Comforting Lie