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The Offical EGS Carrot Website

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What is carrot? Glad you asked. The Carrot Thread on Keenspot started out with a purpose as most things do. However, the thread quickly deteriorated into a random thread. But not any random thread, the MOST random thread, the likes of which the world has never seen. Spanning over 450 pages and 9000 replies, it is a monument to chaos and randomness. And the really sad thing is... you would only be reading this if I gave you the website which means you already know what it is. Either way, have fun! The Carrot Thread
Moperville RP
#egscarrot: Carrot Live
El Goonish Shive
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Carrot News

12/2 Website is now updated! Come check it out. Hopefully I'll have the new Carroteers up.

10/25 We now have over 400 pages and 8000 replies! WOOOOOOOT!

10/25 Carrot won't be closing, I am glad to say. Let the randomness continue!

10/14 Dan has decided to close the carrot..? thread by Wednesday October 20. As such, i hope you all enjoy the last week. In addition, I don't think I be doing anymore updates to this site. If you must tak about this, I would suggest emailing . Please don't clog carrot with questions of why or when.

Recently Carrot disappeared from the EGS Mayhem forum. Thank goodness it soon reappeared and we don't expect anymore iconvenience.

Whoooooooo! Carrot now has over 300 pages, and 6000 replies. You should all give yourselves a pat on the back.

Carrot has move and is now located in the EGS Mayhem Topin on Keenspot. But's its still the unsame old random carrot.