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Wednesday September 3 2003

Discovery Of 'Hot Pepper' Receptor In Heart May Explain Chest Pain, Lead To New Treatments
The secret to heart attack chest pain may be on the tip of your tongue
-science daily

Egypt Casts Doubt on Nefertiti Mummy Discovery
The mummy a British Egyptologist says could be the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, renowned for her beauty, is much more likely to be a man, Egypt's antiquities chief Zahi Hawass said on Saturday.

Back in 1995, a formation clearly showed the inner part of our solar system, with the planets lined up as they will be on 6th September 2003
- swirled news

Evidence of Cannibalism Unearthed?
Archaeologists this month found butchered bones at what is believed to be one of two camps used by the Donner Party during the winter of 1846-1847.
-discovery news

Asteroid danger in 2014 downplayed
Astronomers monitoring near-Earth objects are playing down the chances of a newly discovered asteroid hitting Earth in 2014.

Former Air Force Commander Discusses UFOs
UFOs, well...nothing better than to ask a war pilot about the experiences hes had if hes seen anything, but it turns out that Ive heard talk about there being a military pilot in Antofagasta who toward the late Seventies --
-paranormal news

Monday September 1 2003

Ghosts of the Tube
Victorian architect Sir Thomas Graham Jackson was the first ghost writer to feature the Tube with his story A Romance Of The Piccadilly Tube
-Evening Standard

Great Australian mysteries
Australia may not have a Stonehenge or an Abominable Snowman, but over the years our nation has well and truly accumulated it's fair share of mysteries, as 936 afternoon presenter Trevor Jackson recently discovered when he spoke to author and columnist John Pinkney

Monster legend is alive and well in South County
Tale of hairy Proctor Valley beast has persisted for years
-San Diego Union-Tribune

'Spy' plans for new cars
The government is reportedly planning to fit all cars in Britain with a personalised microchip so rule-breaking motorists can be prosecuted by computer

Vacant Lot Circles
EVP's recorded from weed formations near Galveston.

China to introduce super ID card
Card with chip will store vital information for all 960 million citizens

Science Photos
A polar stratospheric cloud appears above Australia's Mawson Antarctic base in this undated handout picture.

Unusual Large Animal Vocalizations
NIDS analyzes Bigfoot-like sounds. To hear sounds, right click on selection and choose "save target."
-National Institute for Discovery Sciences

The Third Eye Mystery
In the scientific literature we can often read about some people saying they have "the third eye". Such people posses the qualities of an X-ray unit and can see through other people; they may also discern the biological structure of plants and other items

Terrified of the Chupacabras
Residents of the rural communities of El Barro, Calle Real de Tolapa and Las Marias in the Malpaisillo municipality (Dept. of Leon) are frightened of being stalked by the alleged "Chupacabras" to whom they ascribe the deaths of 55 goats and sheep, causing financial losses to local farmers.
-paranormal news

Russia plans Mars nuclear station
Russian scientists have announced plans to build a nuclear power station on Mars.