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Sunday June 29 2003

2000-year-old wine found in China
ARCHAEOLOGISTS in western China discovered five earthenware jars of 2,000-year-old rice wine in an ancient tomb and its bouquet was still strong enough to perk up the nose, the official Xinhua News Agency reported
-Agence France-Presse

Inca may have used knot computer code to bind empire
They ran the biggest empire of their age, with a vast network of roads, granaries, warehouses and a complex system of government. Yet the Inca, founded in about AD1200 by Manco Capac, were unique for such a significant civilisation: they had no written language

Taylor 'turns back to cannibalism'
Witchcraft and magic play a strong social role in the troubled west African country and accusations of cannibalism have surrounded Taylor since he swept to power at the head of a rebel army in the early 1990s

Rare ‘Alien’ fish netted off Irish Coast
A STRANGE-LOOKING marine species which provided the inspiration for blockbuster Alien films has been netted off the Irish coast.
-irish examiner

More evidence of water on Mars
A space craft has detected the best evidence yet of water on Mars.

Friday June 27 2003

Radio host insists he's alive and Bell
He may have died almost a week ago, but Art Bell isn't letting it get him down
-Pahrump Valley Times

Huge Mystery Flashes Seen In Outer Atmosphere
Cloud-to-Earth lightning bolts are a well-known natural electrical occurrence.
-national geographic

Space impact 'saved Christianity'
Did a meteor over central Italy in AD 312 change the course of Roman and Christian history?

As Mars Gets Closer, Amateurs Take Pictures
Amateur astronomers around the world are taking advantage of Mars' proximity to photograph the red planet as it moves closer to Earth each day.

'Out of the Blue' Homepage
Video clips from UFO documentary that aired last night on the Sci-Fi Channel

Do ghosts haunt Camp Floyd park?
Utah paranormal group says it has detected 3 or more
-Deseret Morning News

Sverdlovsk Region Haunted by Green UFO
The observation of the phenomenon was rather unique, as the object was filmed by several cameramen from all the sides

Grotesque glory of new creatures of the deep
Researchers trawling the Tasman Sea have dredged up a veritable freak show of bizarre deep-sea creatures, including hundreds of rare and new species
-the age

Tuesday June 24 2003

Ufologists Pick up IntraTerrestrial Waves
** Ufologists recorced electromagnetic signals and radiation emanating from an underground source**
-paranormal news

Ancient Tibetan Relics Unearthed
A cache of relics that will go some way to explaining ancient Tibetan existence have been unearthed, Chinese state press reported Monday.
-discovery news

Second black hole may lurk at Milky Way's heart
A middleweight black hole, thousands of times heavier than the Sun, is dragging young stars towards the monster black hole known to sit at our galaxy's centre, astronomers suspect
-new scientist

Orbs and ectos
The mammoth penitentiary has been closed for eight years — but many think some of its former inhabitants remain
-sunday gazette

Sunday June 22 2003

New radar sees through walls
Scientists have developed portable "x-ray" radar which could help find terrorists hiding in a building or seek out people buried in an earthquake.

Prisoners suspected of cannibalism
A GUATEMALAN prison gang may have cooked and eaten as many as four inmates over the Christmas holidays, investigators said today
-the australian

Low 'UFO' activity in Hessdalen
Norway's most renowned spot for mysterious aerial sightings, the village of Hessdalen in South Troendelag, is experiencing a dearth of sightings. The valley community's measuring station has registered 120-130 unidentifiable light phenomena since 1998, but only one in the past year, newspaper VG reports.

Headless body
GERMAN police are investigating the discovery of a headless body near Castle Frankenstein in Germany, a ruin many see as the inspiration for the novel about the mad scientist who made a monster from body parts
-the scotsman

Believers keep eye on Pine Bush sky
During the cleanup at Ground Zero two years ago, a National Guard reservist took some photographs of the site. When he got them developed, he noticed dozens of round, blue, semi-opaque spots in the pictures.
-Times Herald-Record

Man eats own toes
An Austrian man cut off his toes, fried them up and ate them between two slices of bread after getting high sniffing butane gas.

Thursday June 19 2003

Britain's 'earliest' prehistoric cave art
Archaeologists have discovered the earliest known example of prehistoric cave art in Britain.

Cow breath, burps blamed for greenhouse gas
If you think you have bad breath, just be thankful you're not a cow -- with breath that allegedly harms Earth's ozone layer and contributes to global warming.

Man 'baked murder victim's arm'
A furniture dealer murdered his drinking partner and then baked his arm in an oven, a court has heard

Residents hear, feel mystery boom
From downtown Bradenton to the outskirts of Palmetto to Longboat Key, folks heard a noontime noise that rocked their world. Literally
-herald tribune

Veil Lifts on Massive Stars' Birth
A nurturing cloud of cosmic material has been ripped apart by hot winds from giant stars, leaving other newborn stars exposed for astronomers to photograph

Ogbourne St. George, Wiltshire Wheat Formation
Thirty-seven circles discovered in young wheat below the Ridgeway at Ogbourne St. George, Wiltshire, England, on Sunday, June 15

Tuesday June 17 2003

New owl species discovered in Brazil
Belo Horizonte, Brazil, June 12, 2003--A newly described and critically endangered pygmy-owl species discovered in Brazil was named today after Intel founder Gordon Moore and his wife Betty Moore, announced Conservation International. The description of the bird appears in the most recent edition of the "Brazilian Journal of Ornithology."

Girl with four eyes, two mouths and two noses born in Nepal
Kathmandu, June 10, (UNI) Hundreds of people thronged the house of Sitaram Chaudhary in Saptari district in eastern Nepal to have a glance at the new born girl child with four eyes, two mouths and two noses

Bible being translated into Japanese sign language
Eiji Matsumoto, 40, is doing the world's first work of translating the whole of the New and Old testaments, totaling 2,000 pages in Japanese, into sign language for a 104-hour recording on videotapes and digital video disks (DVDs).
-japan today

Three-legged chicken becomes talk of the town
The 100 chicks in Bert Thompson’s barn all look identical, chirping away and wildly stumbling over each other.

Object Seen Floating Outside ISS Is Likely Tag
NASA believes that a small object spotted floating outside the International Space Station Thursday is likely an identification tag from an external power or data cable, according to a report.
-local 6

The Mothman Death List
People have pondered dates, disasters, and deaths linked to Mothman from 1966, to the present. It has become fashionable in recent years to create lists of those who have died by association to the JFK hit, Bill Clinton, and even The Poltergeist movie
-loren coleman

‘Extinct’ bum breathing turtle back
SCIENTISTS were beating a path to a plastic tank in Brisbane yesterday to examine a shell-backed beast they had presumed to be extinct
-the australian news

1000-year-old coffin opened
CHINESE archeologists opened a 1000-year-old coffin live on national television today, revealing what was believed to be the body of an ancient tribal nobleman
-herald sun

Tracks in strawberry patch left by sasquatch?
Francis Joe kneels beside a trail of huge footprints crossing the strawberry field beside his home at the end of Boys Road.
-BC news

Smallpox Vaccine Called for Monkeypox
Government Bans Prairie Dog Sales, Calls for Smallpox Vaccine to Control Monkeypox
-abc news

Corguinho, Brazil: Only One Bed Sheet
Frame from videotape running at 8:00:38 p.m. on September 15, 2002, at the discovery of the body pattern in the bed sheet, pillow case and on the wood ceiling of the Urandir and Jessica Oliveira bedroom, Corguinho, Brazil

The Summer of Mars: What You'll See, How to Observe
As regular readers of may already know, this summer Mars will come closer to Earth than at any time in tens of thousands of years.

Friday June 13 2003

Space Weather: Controllable with Radio Waves?
While the power to re-route hurricanes still eludes us, there is a way, researchers say, to lessen the violent weather in space around Earth with no more "umph" than your local radio station puts out.
-discovery news

Roswell Declassified
Formerly secret files finally reveal the truth about the world's most famous UFO incident
-popular mechanics

Giant Asteroid May Strike Earth in 2880
1950DA asteroid will fly near Earth in 2880. What will happen, if it collides with planet Earth? American scientists have already simulated the situation. The asteroid was first discovered 53 years ago.

Night fright: For some people slumber turns into a horror movie
For some people, slumber turns into a horror movie as they scream, bolt upright and flee their beds for no apparent reason. As scientists penetrate the mysteries of sleep, they have found treatments that can help end these bizarre episodes called 'night terrors.'
-seattle times

Dawn of human race uncovered
Three fossil skulls from Ethiopia have been revealed as the oldest human remains yet discovered
-new scientist

Record day for Nessie sightings
LAST Sunday proved a good day for monster spotting with no less than three sightings in eight hours — as many as recorded in the whole of 2002.

Huge hole to hunt cosmic secrets
A huge cavern - large enough to house a cathedral - has been dug out beneath the Franco-Swiss border to hold the largest single scientific instrument ever built

Idaho's cricket swarm the worst in 60 years
The Boise County Commission has already declared a disaster and the state has posted warning signs on roads for the pests. Crickets smashed by cars on the road surface create a mush slicker than black ice.
-associated press

Rocket Exhaust Leaves Mark Above Earth
Water-laden exhaust from a space shuttle can drift over the North Pole and create elusive high-altitude clouds visible only at night, according to a surprising new study

Windmill Hill, nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 7th June.
Every year we can pretty much guarantee the Circlemakers will produce designs that will make us sit up and think about their possible meanings perhaps for us all, or for the future of our planet
-Crop Circle Connector

Tuesday June 10 2003

Bad astronomy spurs good laughter
You've no doubt been swept up in all the hype surrounding Planet X, right?
-knox news

Mars Odyssey THEMIS Image: Bizarre Crater Mound
The height of the interior mound of sediment inside this crater exceeds the crater rim heights by 900 meters (3,000 ft).
-mars today

Conversations with Extraterrestrials
One of the rarest types of UFO encounter is an onboard experience or a face-to-face encounter with an actual extraterrestrial. In my twenty years of UFO investigations, I have uncovered only a handful of these types of very close encounters.
-llewellyn journal

Prof puts apocalypse odds at 50-50
This is the way the world might end: A genetically engineered pathogen is released, debris from an erupting "supervolcano" blocks the sun or scientists in the biggest "bioerror" of them all accidentally trigger a matter-squeezing "big bang.

Monkeypox scare in US Midwest
Health officials in the United States have reported what appears to be the first documented outbreak of monkeypox in the western hemisphere

Famine-struck N Koreans 'eating children'
Cannibalism is increasing in North Korea following another poor harvest and a big cut in international food aid, according to refugees who have fled the stricken country.

Woman finds leech in can of peas
A WOMAN is suing an Italian supermarket after discovering a leech in a can of chick peas she had bought there, police said.
-the weekend australian

Queen Nefertiti's Mummy Found?
Egyptologists think they may have identified the long-sought mummy of Queen Nefertiti, one of the ancient world's legendary beauties.
-discovery news

Saturday June 7 2003

Pre-Columbian City Dazzles Archaeologists
The discovery of the ruins of a Pre-Columbian city in the middle of a forested area of the departments of Olancho and Colón dazzled archaeologists due to its characteristics, which are completely different from those of the Maya civilization, according to experts
-paranormal news

Scientists Examine Samples from the Corguinho, Brazil Bed Sheet and Pillowcase
The cotton and polyester woven bed sheet and pillowcase as I photographed and collected samples from them in the home of Urandir and Jessica Oliveira, Corguinho, Brazil, on February 9, 2003.

Friday June 6 2003

Dragonflies Use Movement as Camouflage
Strange as it may seem, dragonflies use movement for their camouflage, according to a study published Thursday in the British journal Nature.
-discovery news

Curse of Mars casts shadow on missions
A new space mission, touted as the most thorough investigation yet of Mars, is en route to red planet on Tuesday, but will it beat the bad luck that has dogged past missions to Earth's neighbor?

Templar Ritual Cross Discovered During Filming of Documentary
Whilst filming a pilot for a new groundbreaking TV documentary revealing new knowledge of the Knights Templars bases in Scotland, Producer Ross Hemsworth was horrified with what he encountered at "Templar Wood" near Edinburgh
-paranormal news

Probe sees 'dynamic' Mars
New observations of Mars obtained in unprecedented geological detail show the planet to have experienced dramatic change in the past - and these changes continue to this day.

Mighty Winds on Saturn Calm Down
Saturn, one of the windiest places in the solar system, is undergoing a dramatic weather change.
-discovery news

Automatic Astronomy: New Robotic Telescopes See and Think
If an asteroid is discovered tonight and found to be on a collision course with Earth, you may have a robot to thank for the warning. If a star blinks for a nanosecond, you won't notice it, but a robot might, and it will deduce that an object no bigger than this city, roaming the solar system in Pluto's realm, has just passed in front of a distant star

Enigmatic Discoveries
Majestic stone tools, similar to the ones employed by the human waves of the early European Palaeolithic, in other words, related to the first human populations, were discovered in the coastal regions of Sagua la Grande in Villa Clara (Cuba).
-paranormal news

Earth Becomes Greener as Climate Changes
For most of the world's plant life, the effect of the pace of climate change over the past two decades has been productive, according to an analysis of climate and satellite data collected between 1982 and 1999.
-national geographic

Christopher Columbus' Bones Get DNA Testing
DNA technology might reveal the last voyage of Christopher Columbus' bones, according to Spanish scientists who exhumed the explorer's remains on Monday
-discovery news

New Virus Found, But It's Not SARS
It isn't SARS, but infectious disease specialists are trying to learn more about a recently discovered virus that some think may be the culprit in many unexplained respiratory illnesses around the world
-cbs news

Historic Mars lander 'did find life'
Claims have re-emerged that the US space agency (Nasa) did find signs of life on Mars during the historic Viking landings of 1976

Some Web Chat Ideas Are Out of This World
A milestone in human civilization was reached yesterday afternoon with hardly any notice: The U.S. government made contact with an extraterrestrial
-washington post

Missing Sputnik may be for sale on eBay
For sale: what might be one of the Soviet Sputnik satellites that ushered in the Space Age and sparked a frenzied competition that soon led to the launch of the first man into orbit.

Ghost In A Jar! No Joke Serious Inquiry Only
Poltergesit in a jar on sale on eBay

Ritual Cannibalism Stalks Congo's Remote East
High on drugs and war, the militiamen took the Rwandan woman to a public place. There, before a large crowd, they mutilated her, cooked parts of her body and ate them.
-abc news

Tuesday June 3 2003

CIA says al Qaeda ready to use nukes
Al Qaeda terrorists and related groups are set to use chemical, biological and nuclear weapons in deadly strikes, according to a new CIA report
-washington times

Scientists Surprised by Common House Fly Fossils in Antarctica
Electron microscope image of fossilized fly pupa (cocoon) 5 to 7.5 millimeters long, discovered on the Beardmore Glacier in Antarctica.

Making a wormhole just got easier...
Good news for time travellers - it just got cheaper. The amount material needed to build a window through time is infinitesimally small, new research shows

Icke: Reptiles rule the earth
DAVID Icke became a national laughing stock when he appeared on Wogan in a turquoise shell suit, claiming to be the son of God.
-south london press

UFO’s Found to Be Active over the Caspian Sea
As Baku Today already reported last month, on May 19 at 17:00 the inhabitants of Baku witnessed an unusual flying object in the sky
-baku today

Your pictures: Annular eclipse


Ufologists Pick up IntraTerrestrial Waves
Ufologists recorced electromagnetic signals and radiation emanating from an underground source
-paranormal news

Ancient Assyrian Treasures Believed Found in Baghdad
Gold jewelry and other precious items recovered from royal tombs excavated at the ancient Assyrian capital of Nimrud are believed to have been found where they were stashed for safety
-national geographic

Lost Iraq Treasures: Rare Geographic Photos
Images of some of the exquisite treasures once housed in Baghdad's Iraq Museum—photographs made for National Geographic magazine but never published
-national geographic

Man found dead in road drain
Police are investigating the bizarre death of a man whose body was found trapped upside-down in a kerbside drain
-evening standard

Scientists Eye Asteroid Tsunami Risk
It may be a while off, but if asteroid 1950-DA hits the Atlantic Ocean on March 16, 2880, as it might, it's going to make big waves.
-discovery news