Friday Feb.28 2003

Strange Hairy Biped Terrorizes Family In Salta
Patricio Saldaño, custodian of the municipal garbage dump, and his family, had quite a fright on February 26: at 22:00 hours....
-paranormal news

Conspiracy Journal -- Feb 27, 2003
Are you afraid of ghosts and monsters? How about aliens flying down in their space-craft to kidnap you from your bedroom at night?
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Nanotechnology to Open a Paranormal Pandora’s Box?
"Reuters - Nanotechnology, the manipulation of atoms and molecules on the scale of a nanometer -- one-billionth of a meter (yard) -- could give humans a science-fiction-like power to remake nature as easily as a child assembles and rearranges Lego blocks."
-paranormal news

Rare Nubian King Statues Uncovered in Sudan
Statues from a highly advanced African civilization that thrived for 1,200 years along the banks of the Nile River ....
-national geographic

Java Skull Raises Questions on Human Family Tree
Scientists have been unraveling the mysteries of when early hominids first left Africa, where they went....
-national geographic

A GUARDBRIDGE man has added to the growing tally of reported sightings of mystery objects in the skies over north-east Fife.
-courier news

Argentines Hunt For Unknown Humanoid Animal
State Assistance Requested In Finding Unknown Animal**Expedition organizers seek participation of environmental professionals**

Tests Reveal True Nature Of Mummified Animal
Museum Staffers Now Call Mummy 'CatDog'
-channel oklahoma

Big cat spotted again
A BLACK panther said to have been sighted in the county more than 30 times has been spotted again
-northants news

KGB Unveils UFO Secrets?
The last issues of the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda (February 5-12) published a series of five articles under a loud headline “KGB Unveiled UFO Secrets”.

Thursday Feb.27 2003

Puerto Rico: Mutilations are Everywhere
On Friday, February 21st, a Channel 4 broadcast reported on the slaying of animals in Barrio La Cuchilla de Candelero Debajo in the municipality of Humacao (on Puerto Rico’s eastern shore).
-Paranormal news

Definitive work on crop circles on display in North Wales
A RESEARCHER who believes crop circles are messages from an unknown intelligence is staging an exhibition in North Wales

Mars: Tilting towards Life?
Although there is evidence that Mars was warmer and wetter in the distant past, today it is a frozen desert. Temperatures average minus 50 C (minus 58 F) for the planet as a whole. The poles reach a summertime high of minus 70 C (minus 94 F).
-astrobiology magazine

World's oldest wheel found in Slovenia, claim archaeologists
Archaeologists claim to have unearthed the world's oldest wheel in Slovenia

Shuttle engineers warned of burning wing
The day before the Columbia broke up, space shuttle engineers expressed concern that its left wing might burn off and lead to the complete loss of the orbiter...

Human leg found stuck to front of train
Rail staff in Slovakia found a human leg stuck to the front of a train that had travelled hundreds of miles across eastern Europe....

Wednesday Feb.26 2003

Pioneer 10 falls silent after 31 years
-- Pioneer 10, the first spacecraft to venture out of the solar system, has fallen silent after traveling billions of miles from Earth on a mission that has lasted nearly 31 years, NASA said Tuesday.

Chandra and Hubble compose stunning picture of spiral galaxy
A Chandra X-ray Observatory image has been combined with a Hubble Telescope optical image to compose .....

Tuesday Feb.25 2003

the big and bizarre
This is the location of a supermassive black hole, referred to by scientists as....
-bbc news

'Egyptian Lourdes' Found in Desert Sand
Feb. 20 — British archaeologists have discovered the "Egyptian Lourdes," a town dating back to 2,500 B.C. that was probably home to priests.... -Discovery news

The Gonzo Science Files :JFK Assassination -- Secrets of the Secret Service
More of our interview with JFK assassination researcher Dr. Jim Fetzer. In this installment, Dr. Fetzer discusses the role of the Secret Service.
-paranormal news

Computer Made from DNA and Enzymes
Israeli scientists have devised a computer that can perform 330 trillion operations per second....