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Tuesday August 19 2003

Philadelphia Experiment Survivor Predicts Major Power Grid Failure!
During the first week in August, 2003, Al Bielek predicted the failure of a major power grid sometime in mid-August in the United States
-paranormal news

Beetle Find Is One of the Oldest Colored Fossils
scientists have uncovered and explained a 50-million-year-old beetle fossil that still retains the bright blue metallic hue it sported in life.
-national geographic

Britain 'may face sudden Ice Age'
Britain may be basking in one of the hottest summers on record, but scientists now fear that the UK could face an abrupt switch to freezing winters and Icelandic summers

Antarctic evidence to help global warming predictions
You might think an ice continent is the last place scientists would look for clues to global warming

Tiny tech to help big soldiers
Nanotechnology, the science of manufacturing tiny mechanisms and robots not much bigger than molecules, could soon become a big part of national security in the US.

Moose are common in Norway, but spotting a female with triplets is nothing short of a sensation. Photographer Trond Thorvaldsen spent nearly two weeks wandering in a forest north of Fredrikstad and was rewarded with these rare shots. Only 20 percent of moose mothers give birth to twins, according to retired professor Knut Solbraa, while triplets account for one in 100 births.
-aften posten

Ancient forger's coin die found
An ancient British coin die - used to create the design on gold coins in the Iron Age - has been found in Hampshire

Mars Watch: Where is the Red Planet Now?
The Roman God of War looms ever nearer, brighter, and more imposing during July as it approaches its historic rendezvous with Earth

Sunday August 17 2003

Woman 'hid mother's skeleton for three years'
A French woman is suspected of keeping her elderly mother's skeleton hidden at home for more than three years, while she continued to collect her pension

Girl Catches Fish With Horn On Head, Legs
An 8-year-old girl hooked a fish with apparent legs and a horn growing out of its head, according to a Local 6 News report.
-local 6 news

Egyptian mommy gives birth to two-headed girl
A 26-year old woman from a village in upper Egypt has given birth to a health baby girl with two heads, the Cairo daily Al-Akhbar reported on Friday.

Archaelogists unearth ancient shrine
A 12th century relic discovered in Northern Ireland has been described by a leading archaeologist as the "find of his life".

Now it's holy in the wall
STUNNED Lisa Smyth ripped the paper from a wall she was decorating — and found a holy face in the plaster
-the sun newspaper online

Living Terror: NIH faces rising opposition
As the National Institute of Health prepares to award hundreds of millions of dollars in grants to build anti-bioterrorism laboratories, public resistance to plans in Massachusetts, Montana, Oregon -- and at NIH headquarters in Bethesda, Md. -- is growing more acute.
-washington times

Details Emerge of Iceman Ötzi's Death
A fatal battle marked the last 48 hours of Ötzi the Iceman, the world's oldest and best-preserved mummy, according to new dramatic findings.
-discovery news

System's Crash Was Predicted
The warning from David Cook, general counsel for the nation's electric reliability organization, was stark: "The question is not whether, but when, the next major failure of the grid will occur."
-washington post

Is Bush getting apocalyptic advice?
Apocalyptic preacher Jack Van Impe is claiming that he was contacted by Condoleezza Rice’s office and the White House Office of Public Liaison for an “outline” of his take on world events.

Climber returns to Nepal in search of yeti
'71 footprint inspires Tokyo designer, 60, to plan camera stakeout
-the japan times

Whale flatulence stuns scientists
"We got away from the bow of the ship very quickly ... it does stink," said Nick Gales, a research scientist from the Australian Antarctic Division.
-The Daily Telegraph

Gamma-ray weapons could trigger next arms race
An exotic kind of nuclear explosive being developed by the US Department of Defense could blur the critical distinction between conventional and nuclear weapons
-new scientist

Cloning Yields Human-Rabbit Hybrid Embryo
Scientists in China have, for the first time, used cloning techniques to create hybrid embryos that contain a mix of DNA from both humans and rabbits, according to a report in a scientific journal that has reignited the smoldering ethics debate over cloning research.
-washington post

Did home video catch a spook?
A GHOSTLY figure captured unwittingly on a home video camera has spooked a Belfast family
-Belfast Telegraph

Moon Derives From Earth, Space Object, Study Says
Science has a better understanding of how and when the moon came to be thanks to a team of German geochemists who compared ratios of trace elements in rocks from the Earth, the moon, Mars, and meteorites
-national geographic

Superbugs spread into community
Antibiotic-resistant 'superbugs' are spreading into the community, experts have warned.

Wednesday August 13 2003

Power from blood could lead to 'human batteries'
Researchers in Japan are developing a method of drawing power from blood glucose, mimicking the way the body generates energy from food

More 'Cressie' sightings in Newfoundland
The alleged sighting of a mysterious creature has reignited talk of whether Newfoundland's Crescent Lake has its own version of the Loch Ness Monster
-cbc news

A MAN spotted two jellyfish like objects which he could only describe as UFOs flying over his Daventry home
-daventry express

Nessie makes appearance in China
A group of soldiers claim to have spotted China's "Loch Ness Monster" in the second sighting of the mysterious animal in less than a month, state media said
-abc news online

DNA extractable from fingerprints
Even if the only evidence forensic analysts can pull from a crime scene is a fingerprint smudged beyond recognition, a new technique developed by Canadian scientists soon could harvest enough DNA from the print to produce a genetic identity
-UPI Science News

Perseid Preview: Moon to Muscle in on Aug. 12-13 Meteor Shower
August is usually regarded as "meteor month" in the Northern Hemisphere, as one of the best shooting star displays of the year reaches its peak near midmonth

Field Notes from Wiltshire, England Crop Circles
Large “molecule” formation reported August 10, 2003, spanning approximately 750 feet in a wheat field directly east of the July 6, 2003, 11-concentric-ring formation

Iron Age Burial Site Unearthed
Workers fixing the sewers of a small Tuscan village have discovered a mysterious statue which may lead to a large Iron Age warrior cemetery.
-discovery news

Sunday August 10 2003

O.C.'s Blob Mystery Solved
It's not on any New Jersey tourism maps but there's a lagoon in little Egg Harbor Township that is gaining the attention of folks down the shore. Residents here say the "Blob" you're looking at has been growing over the past couple weeks. It extends about 8-feet wide & some 8-feet deep
-wpvi news

Walter Cronkite’s UFO Encounter
He’s the Newsperson that was there during some of the most history- making events of this century. From the JFK assassination to the first steps of human beings on the Moon. Walter Cronkite was the Reporter who covered those and so many other important events
-paranormal news

Mars Ready for Close-Up, Best View in 60,000 Years
Its closest pass will come on Aug. 27 at 5:51 a.m. EDT, when Mars will be less than 34.65 million miles away

Escalante Woman Sounds "Chemtrails" Alarm
A LaVerkin City Councilman is leading a local fight against the United Nations, believing the U.N. is deliberately murdering millions of people by spraying poison from high altitudes. The belief is surprisingly widespread. And a woman in Escalante is also trying to sound the alarm
-ksl news

Dreams cause SIDS, scientist theorizes
A new theory links sudden infant death syndrome to dreams, suggesting babies may stop breathing because they are dreaming of being back in the womb, where they had no need to breathe
-national post

Conference yields stories, evidence of aliens, bigfoot
The 2003 Alternate Realities Conference was scheduled to begin promptly at 10 a.m. After the 30-minute drive from Elizabethton into the mountains, my accomplice Heather and I arrived at the Convention Center at Roan Mountain State Park a little after 9 for registration
-daily nebraskan

Unraveling a secret of the sea
Gulf experiment seeks to explain the Bermuda Triangle

Field Notes About English Animal Mutilations
Three-month-old lamb discovered dead and mutilated in May 2001, Beddgelert, North Wales, England.

C O M P U T E R = 666
Graphic illustrates how the numbers add up

Strange Spots on Mars
There is no place like Mars for fueling speculation about geologic features that must have been created by intelligent beings. Now scientists bring us the Fortune Cookie photo.

Field Notes from English Crop Circles
Unusual pattern reported July 14, 2003 in the field between Pickled Hill and Woodborough Hill, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England

Filer’s Files #31 -- 2003
-paranormal news