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Wednesday April 30 2003

UFOs Playing Out Mysterious End-Time Plan
According to the Holy Scriptures, UFOs have been visiting mankind for centuries, and will conclude their work shortly. The scriptures say there’s nothing new under the sun
-paranormal news

Aetiology: The earliest recorded plant virus disease
Pathogenic DNA paints summer foliage gold, and inspired a poet over a millennium ago.

Giant egg is three in one
It is too late for April fool, but Freda Smith could be forgiven for thinking a prankster was responsible for a giant egg in her chicken run.

Satellite Breaks Up Over Land
As a 1.4-ton deactivated satellite falls to Earth, 39 countries around the world are on impact alert, the Italian space agency (ASI) announced.
-discovery news

Oceans suggest life beyond
Every science-fiction fan knows that when space aliens land, they're here to steal our water, women or brains.
-usa today

Monday April 28 2003

Fresh Look at Saturn's Moon Titan Reveals Icy Bedrock
A new look at Saturn's moon Titan suggests its surface contains broad regions of exposed ice

Egypt High Priests' Tombs Uncovered
Archaeologists from the French Archaeological Institute in Cairo (IFAO) have unearthed an Egyptian necropolis filled with over 4,000-year-old rock-cut tombs...
-discovery news

Hypnosis saves crossbow victim
THE teenage girl shot through the chest in a horrifying schoolyard crossbow attack has revealed how self-hypnosis helped save her life.
-The Sunday Telegraph

'Bunker buster' missiles aim at Moon
Tests have been carried out on ground penetrating missiles using 'bunker buster' technology that could be fired into the depths of dark lunar craters to look for ice.

First 2003 U.K. Crop Formation Near Petersfield, Hampshire
Discovered Easter Sunday, April 20, 2003, ring 160 feet in diameter encloses a "broken 8" in yellow flowering oilseed rape southwest of Privett near Petersfield, Hampshire, England

Climatologists give waterworld warning for Earth
As the world gets warmer, it is getting wetter. And one of the main conclusions reached at Europe's largest ever earth sciences conference was that we are less prepared for it than ever
-new scientist

Sunday April 27 2003

Beijing Quarantines 4000 Residents Exposed to SARS; Third Hospital Sealed Off
Current World Total: 4,651 Cases, 28 countries, and 275 Deaths. United States: 254 suspected in 38 states with 41 probable cases; no deaths.

Study: Clouds over U.S. were full of plankton
Filmy ice clouds high in the sky over the center of the United States contained minute sea creatures lofted into the air by a Pacific Ocean hurricane, a new analysis concludes

Mysterious Underwater Platform
A mysterious underwater stone platform has been discovered in the Bahamas. Researchers Greg and Lora Little found the huge, three-layered platform lying under just 10 feet of water off northern Andros Island while searching for answers to other underwater mysteries.

Total Lunar Eclipse Coming May 15-16
On the night of May 15-16, millions of eyes will be drawn skyward, where there will hang a mottled, coppery globe -- our Moon -- completely immersed in the long, tapering cone of shadow cast into space by Earth

Interview with William Gazecki, Director of Crop Circles: Quest for Truth
The following is a transcript of the interview held with William Gazecki, director of the documentary ’Crop Circles: Quest For Truth’, which took place April 24th at 8PM EST
-paranormal news

Saturday April 26 2003

Black Hole Born in Dark Silence
The classic explanation for black hole birth describes an incredibly explosive and luminous event.

Early Human Ancestor Older Than Thought
Scientists using a new method of dating fossils has found that a celebrated find of apeman remains in South Africa is around four million years old, a discovery that could reshape our knowledge about the possible forerunners of human beings.
-discovery news

Titan's icy surface revealed
Scientists have peered through the smoggy orange haze of Saturn's largest moon, Titan, and seen icy bedrock exposed on the surface.

BIGFOOT! The True Story of Apes in America
Bigfoot sightings happen all the time in North America, especially in the Pacific Northwest
-paranormal news

Bears Destroy Hotel Doors, Eat Floor
If there's a shortage of doors in Anchorage, blame the brown bears of Bristol Bay.
-Associated Press

Report of Unexplained Deaths of Three Cows and a Bull Calf Near Valparaiso, Nebraska, April 5 & 7, 2003: Veterinarian Necropsy Summary Report and Photographs
Two registered black Simintal cows and a 250 pound bull calf were found dead by their owner at 7:00 AM April 5th, 2003, approximately 13.5 hours after last seeing them alive.

Thursday April 24 2003

Mystery of the Sun's Two North Poles
Normally, our star, like Earth itself, has a north and a south magnetic pole. But for nearly a month beginning in March 2000, the Sun's south magnetic pole faded, and a north pole emerged to take its place. The Sun had two north poles.

Strange Animal Caught: The Chupacabras?
A bizarre animal caught in a small community of southern Chile was immediately associated by local residents with the enigmatic "Chupacabras", since dozens of birds who died by exsanguination were found in that area some time ago.
-paranormal news

"Colossal Squid" Revives Legends of Sea Monsters
Almost 20 feet (6 meters) long, with spiked tentacles and huge, protruding eyes, it was feeding on Patagonian toothfish caught on longlines set
-national geographic

Scientists Clone Long-Dead Animal
Astounding even long-time veterans of the fight against animal extinction, cloning technology has produced two bantengs that were born to cows last week on an Iowa farm
-animal news center

Most Ancient Writing Found?
Neolithic graves in China may hide the earliest words, according to research published in the journal Antiquity.
-discovery news

Possible Media Blackout on Russian UFO Sighting?
Milo, Read this thoroughly, every word is true. Pass this along to any and all points possible
-paranormal news

Dutch bird flu claims first human victim
Dutch scientists are urgently checking whether the bird flu virus sweeping the country has mutated into a dangerous human pathogen, after it claimed its first human victim
-new scientist

Shooting Ghosts
Local man defining art of "ghostography"

Meteor caused Lesotho 'poltergeist'
An outbreak of ghost activity that struck Lesotho last year has been found to have been the result of a spectacular meteor shower

Spectacular photos unveil mysterious nebulae
A "near-true" three-color composite image of the highly excited nebula around the hot double star AB7 in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC),
-spaceflight now

Mars in the Morning: The Moon Makes Finding Red Planet Easy This Week
This summer, spotting Mars will be a breeze as the planet inches closer to Earth than ever in human history. Meanwhile, finding the Red Planet right now is still a bit challenging

Monday April 21 2003

Ancient village found under Illinois soil
Digging crews have found hundreds of 1,200-year-old stone arrowheads and pottery fragments buried under an Illinois hillside.

It's Monster Season Again, So Take Care on Shores of Bear Lake
During the late 1860s, "the tale went that a serpent-looking animal had appeared nightly on the shores of Bear Lake," the Daily Corinne Reporter said in 1871
-salt lake tribune

Cattle mutilations spur memories from '70s, '80s outbreaks
Mike Benes has been in the cattle business all his life, lives on a farm just a pasture away from his dad's place. And he's never seen anything like what happened two weeks ago, no more than 100 yards from his house near Valparaiso.
-lincoln journal star

Jesus, the early years
How do you create an image of Christ when you've no idea what he looks like? Neil MacGregor believes an ancient mosaic on a dining-room floor in Dorset may provide some answers
-guardian uk

Lethal Legacy: Bioweapons for Sale
Daan Goosen's calling card to the FBI was a vial of bacteria he had freeze-dried and hidden inside a toothpaste tube for secret passage to the United States.
-washington post

Private manned space plane unveiled
Fully-built spacecraft, launch system developed in secrecy

Friday April 18 2003

Supernova Warning: First Ever Accurate Forecast of Exploding Star
It used to be when scientists predicted the time and date of when a star would explode, they might be off by a million years. Armed with a new theory, a research team has just reduced the margin of error to less than a day.

My Atlantis
The human race did not originate from apes
-paranormal news

'Earliest writing' found in China
Signs carved into 8,600-year-old tortoise shells found in China may be the earliest written words, say archaeologists

UFO Roundup Volume 8 #16
-paranormal news

Update: Noah's Ark Investigation
Nearly a week after the CIA released another record from its secret "Noah's Ark" file, this one including a note saying that U.S. intelligence agencies immediately destroy records from reconnaissance missions...
-insight magazine

Secrets of ancient life in pile of dirt
Researchers find DNA from extinct species in permafrost

Thursday April 17 2003

Unknown Animal Carcass Found Near Salta
New testimony regarding the presence of a strange hairy biped, sporting long claws and of an unusual ferocity...
-paranormal news

New Look at Mystery Flashes Reported by Astronauts
When Marco Casolino flies on commercial airliners, he always hopes he'll see things, just like the astronauts do. So far he's had no luck. But a new study he led helps explain what it is he's looking for.

Shroud of Turin or Carbon 14
Everything about the Shroud rings true: It is the material used for burial shrouds 2000 years ago in the area of the Holy Land. There is a wound indicated in the chest area
-paranormal news

The big chill
Could the worst cold snap the planet has ever known be responsible for kick-starting the evolution of multicellular life? Gabrielle Walker reports on the theory of 'snowball Earth'

Tales From the Crypt
How a handful of Mormons with an infrared camera unlocked the secrets buried beneath Vesuvius.
-wired magazine

Native Accused of WitchCraft Burned Alive
A Mexican indian was lynched and burned alive in a community of the state of Chiapas (Southeast) after having been accused of practicing witchcraft, confirmed authorities on Sunday night.
-paranormal news

Wednesday April 16 2003

Mutilated Animals Found Near Cuchillo Có
Concern spread among some Pampan cattlemen of the Lihuél Calel department,
-paranormal news

Scientists Crack SARS Genetic Sequence
Scientists have cracked the genetic sequence of the virus believed to cause severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).
-national geographic

America's oldest religious icon revealed
The image on the 4000-year-old gourd fragment (left) reveals the fanged teeth and splayed feet of the "staff god"
-new scientist

Life in a City of Spirits
In Fredericksburg, Ghosts Are a Point of Pride
-washington post

The Race Back to the Moon
Astropreneurs are counting down for a return to Apollo country. The first small step: a satellite atlas of the lunar surface. The next giant leap: ice mining, helium farming, and a launchpad to the solar system
-wired magazine

Tuesday April 15 2003

Rapture Index Inventor Tracks End of Time
Saddam Hussein's tyrannical reign appears to have ended and Brian David Mitchell is behind bars, but the world -- or at least the world according to Todd Strandberg -- is not necessarily a safer place.
-salt lake tribune

Farmer pins hopes on 'unicorn'
Simmi, a yearling heifer has a third horn growing out of the middle of its head
-Edmonton Journal

Glitch Delays NASA Telescope Launch
The long-awaited launch of NASA's final Great Observatory is on hold again as NASA raises questions about the spacecraft's booster.
-discovery news

Man Fined for Serving Brother's Jail Term
An unemployed German who went to jail in place of his brother to beat an alcohol problem has been fined 2,000 euros ($2,154) by a Hamburg court.
-yahoo news

Brain legacy of ancient cannibals
The cannibal habits of ancient humans probably caused epidemics of diseases similar to CJD, claim researchers

Sahara tunnels could solve mystery of missing tourists
Desert nomads were reported yesterday to have discovered an abandoned vehicle and a network of tunnels in a remote region...

Is human cloning impossible?
Monkey studies indicate scientists are facing a fundamental obstacle with current techniques

Extreme Space: Hottest Stars Fuel Stunning Scenes
New observations of striking clouds of gas and dust reveal the engine behind the beauty, some of the hottest and most massive stars ever detected.

Saturday April 12 2003

NASA Selects Mars Rover Landing Sites
In the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) landing site sweepstakes, the winners are: Meridiani Planum and Gusev crater

Cannibalism Normal For Early Humans?
Genetic markers commonly found in modern humans all over the world could be evidence that our earliest ancestors were cannibals,
-national geographic

Homes shaken by sonic boom
Homes in Lincolnshire have been shaken by a sonic boom.

Black Holes and Space Travel
The idea that spaceships might zip across the universe using black holes as a high-speed portal is a well-worn sci-fi cliché
-wired news

Pluto Visit in NASA Plans
It was the last planet discovered, the farthest from Earth, and now Pluto is finally going to get a visit from a spacecraft
-discovery news

Oldest Egyptian Dress Rescued
priceless collection of Egyptian artifacts, including the world's oldest dress, will be rescued from cramped storage over a boiler room, according to a recent Heritage Lottery Fund press release
-discovery news

Friday April 11 2003

Mystery Rocks Spotted Near Moon of Jupiter
Stretching the concept of what constitutes a moon, scientists have spotted either seven or nine elusive space rocks near and possibly in orbit around Amalthea, a moon of Jupiter.

Many citizens believe Saddam has mystical powers
Ahmed Ali believes Saddam Hussein can never die. All his life, the 23-year-old laborer has heard about the dictator's powerful stone
-the mercury news

Human cloning 'flawed'
Human cloning may never be possible because of a quirk of biology

The dreamcatcher
We live in mad times. The WHO predicts depression will soon rank second in the global disease burden, suicide rates are rising, and the trauma caused by war, conflict or domestic abuse is everywhere
-new scientist

Galactic collision in close-up
A powerful jet of electrically charged particles blasts through the heart of a galaxy.

Mini Robot Planes Deployed In Iraq
Marines in Iraq are gathering intelligence using a miniature aircraft that flies autonomously,
-discovery news

Voyage to the asteroid belt
British scientists are planning to send a swarm of miniature spacecraft beyond Mars to study the origin of asteroids that might pose a threat to the Earth.

50 Arctic Lakes Show Dramatic Effects Of Climate Warming
Dramatic clues to North American climate change have been discovered by a team of Queen's University scientists in the bottom of 50 Arctic lakes.
-science daily

Wednesday April 9 2003

Dolly the sheep goes on display
The preserved remains of Dolly the sheep, the world's first cloned mammal, have gone on display in Edinburgh.

Scientists clone endangered Asian wild cattle
A pair of banteng calves born last week were cloned from an animal that died more than 20 years ago, researchers said on Tuesday -- adding they hoped to rescue more endangered animals using cloning

A Lenticular Cloud Over Wyoming
Explanation: Is that a cloud or a flying saucer?
-Astronomy Picture of the Day

Cosmic link to stone circles
Stone Age people in Ireland appear to have built tombs based on a detailed knowledge of how the Sun moves across the sky during the year.

NASA posts thousands of new Mars images
Sand dunes that look like the scales of a giant fish and rare, wispy clouds are among more than 11,000 new images of Mars posted on the Internet, NASA said on Friday.

New Moon Found Around Saturn, Inching Total to 31
In a year already brimming with discoveries of new moons around Jupiter, the 31st satellite of Saturn has been discovered

Rocket man unveils latest spaceship
Would-be amateur astronaut Steve Bennett and his British team hoping to send the world's first privately funded rocket into space unveiled their latest rocket on Thursday
-yahoo news

The mystery of Gobbler's Rock
Yellowwood State Forest visitors are mystified by the large rocks perched high in several trees

Crash, bang washing
As unfortunate coincidences go, this one was beyond the ingenuity of even the most brazenly slapstick of comic writers
-gaurdian unlimited

'Monster of man's making'
The world should brace itself for an increase in infectious diseases like SARS because of a fatal under-estimation of the power of viruses and bacteria, an expert said today

The amazing source of UFO propulsion is found right here on Earth -- from ghosts!
-weekly universe

More moons for Jupiter
Jupiter's tally of moons now stands at 58, following the discovery of six more.

Tuesday April 8 2003

Time of the signs
These are busy days for Pastor Nathaniel Wilson. He believes they may also be his last
-sacramento Bee

Plants: New Anti-Terror Weapon?
Green and leafy, working 24 hours a day in a diverse range of environments, the newest recruits in the fight against terrorism could soon be trailing alongside your windowsill or eyeing you from the corner of the room
-wired news

Send in the clowns?
-dallas morning news

A French Researcher Tracks The Mythical Beast
An investigation into the presence of the Chupacabras, the mythic bloodsucking beast that apparently devastated sheep, goat and camelid cattle of the Chalchaquí valleys ..
-paranormal news

New Wave Telescope Begins Hunt for Gravity
A highly sensitive telescope designed to detect exotic gravitational waves is now online and hunting for evidence of catastrophic events, such as collapsed stars and collisions between huge black holes

Saturday April 5 2003

Bush issues SARS executive order
Move allows government to issue official quarantine if it becomes necessary

Killer pneumonia virus linked to birds
The virus causing a global outbreak of deadly pneumonia is likely to be a new hybrid that mutated in the intensively farmed livestock of China's Guangdong province.
-new scientist

Will Earth freeze to death?
A new continental drift could result in the end of human life, says Gabrielle Walker
-telegraph U.K

Europe Unveils New Moon-Orbiting SMART-1 Spacecraft
A small, unmanned satellite that relies on solar power to propel it into orbit around the moon was unveiled Thursday by the European Space Agency, which plans to use the spacecraft in Europe's first attempt at a lunar exploration.
-associated press

A strange sight...
A SURVEILLANCE camera (CCTV) mounted atop the Kota Kinabalu International Airport terminal captured a rather strange sight resembling a “flying coffin”
-daily express news

Mercury: The Inside Scoop on Spotting the Innermost Planet
The planet Mercury is often cited as the most difficult of the five brightest naked-eye planets to see. Because it’s the planet closest to the Sun, it never strays too far from the Sun’s vicinity in our sky

Interview with Eyewitness to Chilean UFO Sighting
Fernando Martinez is a student of graphic design. On March 21 he happened to be at the corner of Pedro de Valdivia and Providencia (Chile)
-paranormal news

Ancient Egyptian Chambers Explored
One of the mysteries of Egypt's Great Pyramid deepened early last September when archaeologists penetrated a 4,500-year-old blocked shaft only to find another stone blocking their way
-national geographic

Friday April 4 2003

Deep sea monster squid found
A rare and dangerous squid with eyes the size of dinner plates and scores of razor-sharp hooks to snag its prey has been caught by fishermen off Antarctica, New Zealand scientists said on Thursday

Creation Force: Black Holes Linked to Star Birth
Astronomers have peered through gas, dust and general chaos to get an unprecedented look at the vicinity of a hefty black hole at the heart of one of the earliest galaxies in the universe

Robot rover simulates Mars trek
Researchers have deployed an autonomous robot to traverse Chile's Atacama Desert as part of a project to develop advanced rovers for Mars exploration

Does UFO Phenomenon Arise From Secret Ability of Human Mind?
The number of publications about UFO in the newspapers and magazines has overstepped the limits. Judging by the publications one might suppose that humanoids only kidnap our people: at that reports of this kind are alternated with gloomy forecasts of forthcoming catastrophes

Straight and crooked
IN popular Chinese ghost stories, vampires would hop along straight lines. These vampires may hop to turn, but would have to travel in straight lines. This reflects the Chinese cultural and feng shui belief that evil spirits and forces travel in straight lines.
-star online

Maine Crater Related to Dino-Killer Asteroid?
The evidence is still skimpy, but there is a chance that the dino killer asteroid was not alone when it walloped the Earth 65 million years ago.
-discovery news

Rare Colossal Squid Found in Antarctica
An extremely rare, dangerous squid with swiveling hooks on its tentacles for snagging prey has been captured in the Ross Sea in Antarctica, say scientists in New Zealand.
-discovery news

Supreme Court Refuses to Take Up Case of Man Handcuffed to Pole
The Supreme Court refused to reopen the case of a man who Prince George's County police officers left handcuffed to a pole in a parking lot at 3:30 a.m. as a prank.
-wtop radio

Newfound L.A. Fault Threatens Major Quake
Between the sun and the stars, Los Angeles sometimes seems like paradise. But life in the City of Angels comes at a price: earthquakes.
-national geographic

Thursday April 3 2003

!!!!!!!! READ !!!!!!!!
We have recently been given permission to share the entire story with you. Evidently, there is a pattern to the mass killings that are occurring at schools, churches and other places across the country.
-rumor mill news

Bizarre giant virus rewrites the record books
A bizarre new species of giant virus, found living inside an amoeba, has more genes than many bacteria and can be seen without an electron microscope
-abc science online

New Viral Illness Hits More Nations
Death Toll Reaches 62 in 15 Countries as Scientists Try to Pinpoint Mystery Disease's Cause
-washington post

Super squid surfaces in Antarctic
A colossal squid has been caught in Antarctic waters, the first example of Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni retrieved virtually intact from the surface of the ocean

New Theory Resolving the Fermi Paradox
All life in our Universe is based on hard competition in order the evolution to be speed up, providing (bio)diversity, quality and quantity of civilizations
-paranormal news

Hubble Pictures Too Crisp, Challenging Theories of Time and Space
Clarity is what astronomers and the public have come to expect from the Hubble Space Telescope

R.I.P. Floppy Disk
FLOPPY DISK, the palm-sized magnetic data storage device, is whirring its last goodbye

Dinosaur Cannibal: Fossil Evidence Found in Africa
Eat or be eaten" may have been the mantra for Majungatholus atopus, a large, two-footed carnivorous dinosaur with a bump on its head that roamed Madagascar...
-national geographic

Wednesday April 2 2003

Decoding Bible's 'cryptogram'
Will Saddam Hussein be overthrown? Where is Osama bin Laden hiding? For answers, see the Good Book
-national post

Smallpox, cancer, and a vaccine
The smallpox vaccine may be reborn -- as a cancer treatment.

Sighting raises fear of giant killer squid
A killer squid seen attacking fish in the Ross Sea last week may mark the first sighting of the world's largest and most aggressive squid species.
-dominion post

Seth Shostak: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life
Many of the great hoaxes of the past fifty years have involved reports of UFOs...
-national geographic

Wooden coffin yields ancient mummy
Archaeologists have discovered some of the oldest evidence yet of mummification