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Hi, I'm cocoa and I'm a cute fuzzy bear (as if you couldn’t tell). Anyway me and my friends were sitting around bored. Here are some questions we ask because of the boredome. Are you bored? Do you have nothing to do? Do you want to impress your friends and relatives? Do you want to create a web site like this? well you have come to the right place. Okay here is what is in store for you on this wonderful cheerful day. This site includes my guild webbie, a user sent in art gallery, html help for webs, yummy recipes, comics and anything me and my friends find humorous.

Getting to know the characters

Opps how rude of me not to introduce my buddies. Well you already know me but do you want to know a secret. My name is cocoa because I love hot chocolate and I'm always adding stuff to hot chocolate to change the taste, yum nothing like chocolate to start the day. That cute koala bear hiding behind the bushes over their is kayla. She is very shy. She loves shoes so much that each week she has a new pair on with different shoelaces. Anyway this fuzzy brain over there next to the coffee pot is my good friend java. Java likes a good kick of caffeine to start her day. She likes any caffinated drink but her favorite is coffee. She is the one hosting the games because she is so hyperactive and annoying that nobody wants to do it with her…but she is a sweet heart, just not on caffeine.

that's not true cocoa. Zippys hosting it with me And you get pretty crazy after 2-3 cups of hot cocoa yourself. Look who's talking.

As I was saying before I was rudely what was I doing... Oh yes I was going to introduce you wonderful people to Klondike. .you know like the ice cream bar..the saying what would you do for a Klondike bar. Anyway Klondike is such a big sweetie. .he shares everything with everyone, especially his sweets. He is the most generous of us all. This bear with the circles around his eyes over here is specks. See doesn't it look like he is wearing spectacles (glasses). Anyway he is the smartest of the group and such abig nerd. Shessh he is such a big gee..

If you make fun of specks one more time today cocoa I'm going to have to get a bit ruff with you.
*sigh*and that ladies and gentlemen was the voice of our roughest member. ginger.

  Yes that is the last of the bears.. Ginger..the tai kwan teddy bear. She may look like a cute cuddly panda but watch out..sheesh she cant take a joke to well. Anyway that's all I'm going to say for now since ginger is giving me a dirty look. Feel free to take a peak at our slowly growing site. Have fun.. happy exploring.

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