Candace... Gosh what can I say about her? She's a great best friend. She's always there for me! I love her! I really don't know where either one of us would be if we hadn't started hanging out. We've been there for each other through thick and thin. Theres been some deaths and some births in the family and we never left each other's side. Girl your great! Your a great actress and a great singer. I still can't believe you had to quit chior but.... I know you will do great in UIL. I'm gonna love to come see you and your wonderful plays that your gonna be in. I can't wait. From dating your ex TWICE to TRYIN to make it work out with stevie FOUR times! It's been fun. Through my guy problems and through your family issues. We've never stoped being there. Even when we made fun of Amanda Bennet. We were always there to laugh each other on. It was great. We've always been there to pick out what each other should wear. EVEN to my birthday dinner! (SLUT NIGHT!) lol even your mom thought we all looked like sluts! lol it was funny. ("no shes really 15!") it took forever for that waitress to stop thinkin i was 18 or 19! dang that kinda got annoying. I love goin back and thinkin about all the great times we have had... heres just a few: 1) argueing about which pool ball went into the pocket. (it was striped!) 2) watchin matt fix the side walk in front of the dance hall! (damn hes hot!) 3)Your first horse back ride goin up the rockiest moutain ever! with a cliff right but the horses foot and not being able to charge if we were to die! 4) 7th grade year! 5) 8th grade year! 6) new york! you left us! 7) hard rock cafe 8) broadway show (though you didnt see it cuz you were makin out with ---- and thats why you want to go back so you CAN see it! lol) 9) Oklahoma 10) TRYIN to educate my cousin (why is it called the birds and the bees) 11) thats copy writed! 12) "your gonna get picked up if you walk down that street," cory ...... OK well... i better stop this. cuz it could go on forever. just remember im always here for you! and oyu know you can come to me for anything.