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(c) 2003 El Bozzo of Punjab  

Welcome to Punjabi Boz's Camel Emporium. Here you will find good deal on camels. We are an independent business so you won't get shoddy camels like those from a supermarket. Our camels are made from 100% wholesale beef, so no need to worry about poor build quality.

So what are you waiting for ? Get purchasing !

Some of our current stock of Guatamalen Racing Camels are at good price.

If you have any enquiries contact us at

Our World Famous Guatamalen Racing Camels come with one years guarantee and 3 years free servicing !
Now a message from the owner, Punjabi Boz :

"Welcome all to the house of me, Punjabi Boz. All my camels are of the highest quality, so enjoy yourself !"

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