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Welcome To The Weird Ass World of The Bitch and The Beefcake...Enjoy Your Stay!!

A little peek into our lame-o lives...:)

First, maybe we should introduce ourselves...:) Erica is the Bitch. Sara is the Beefcake. And, yes, there's a story behind those names and I think we should get that straightened out right from the get-go. I, the Bitch will tell you the story (which we find highly entertaining, but you may not be so lame). We went to Home Depot to get kerosene for our mighty chilly apartment sometime this winter. So, we go on in and I pick up the kerosene and we walk to the register. Beefcake had the money (even though all is reimbursed via the rent account), so I put the 5 gallon can on the register, Beefcake paid for it, I picked it up and we left. As we were leaving, I asked if she thought people thought I was the man in the relationship and she said she was thinking of calling me her bitch. If I got a name, so did she, and she'd had a hangup about using "beefcake" to describe her flamboyantly gay hairdresser's new man during that time. And, thus, The Bitch and The Beefcake were born. Just so we're clear on this...we're both actively seeking men of the stud variety. Got it? Okey-doke. Moving on...

Aren't they cute?? car worked fine after just wouldn't start to get me home...?? I think some vandalism was involved...:)

So, you want to see more, huh?? Check out our Pics 'n Quotes page.

Just because we are really as assinine as you think, we made a daily log...journal, if you will, to share more of the weird stuff that we get ourselves into.

This website is basically a means of sharing things we find highly entertaining with the world at large. I'm sure we're the next big thing and our website will be the cause of server crashes the world over. The vast unwashed illiterate masses will be clamoring to see what's happening in our humdrum lives. Yeah, that's how it's going to go down. If you feel the overwhelming urge, you may contact the charming and witty Bitch and Beefcake via email.