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The next three images (Shashi, Mochiko, and Kannon) are linked stylistically. I'd like to pretend that this was perfectly planed out, but I didn't really notice until I was halfway through. I'll explain more later. I wanted the drawing of Shashi to look like a mehndi design, so I decided to paint it in reddish-brown ink. I drew it out in pencil first, then put it on a light box and traced it with brush and ink. After I had done the brown, I looked at the picture and decided the eyes would look better with some black to bring them out, and once that was done I went on to add black around the figure of Shashi and a few touches of red and green to the vine patterns. I would have liked to have actually done a design in henna on someone's body, but I don't know that I would have been able to get a volunteer, let alone a decent picture of the results, so I think this was the best overall solution.
Shashi's haiku is one of my favorites. It came together very quickly. I like the concept of Shashi wanting to ascend about the turmoil and dirtiness of the earth. The phrase, 'Ill met by moonlight', is from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. I think it's verbatim, but I didn't check, so don't ask me the act or scene number

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