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This one's going straight into my portfolio. It turned out nothing like I intended it to, but I love the resuls nonetheless. I considered doing just a grayscale pencil drawing, to convey Kishou's modest beauty, but then it occured to me to use varying shades of brown for an effect like a sepia-tone photograph. Frankly, I don't think this looks the least bit like a sepia-tone photograph, but I think the closeness of the tones of brown is appealing. Kishou's pose came out perfect, too (one of the guys at work caught me orking on the picture and said she has a nice butt). I spent a lot of time on the folds of cloth, and I feel sufficiently rewarded by the resulting realism, which is to say I've seen other people do better, but I've never done better myself.
I couldn't remember to save my life whether japanese writing is vertical or horizontal, although I knew it goes right to lft, so the book may be off. I think it's a math book, or maybe some sort of science. This isn't one of my favorite haikus, but it does convey Kishou's importance to Daisuke and the other characters who are also, in a sense, her family.

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Character copyright Diana, 2002
Image copyright Bridgie, 2002