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I have a very strong suspicion that Kannon will have the most drawings of any of Diana's characters this month. He's very much a bishounen, and he's got such a pleasant (yet quirky) personality. Besides which, I think a lot of artists have a thing for cats. I know I do. I thought about drawing Kannon with a feline roleplay character I have, and I still may as a bonus subbie or fan art someday.
Someone's bound to notice that the males (with the exception of Dylan) I've drawn are less clothed than the females. There's a very good reason for that, and surprisingly, it's not that I'm a lech. I'm not very good at drawing men, so I'm teaching myself male muscular and bone structure using anatomy books and the like. So far I'm better at drawing men sans apparel. Besides which, there's all kinds of scantily clad females in MAG, so why not give the heterosexual chicks something to look at for a change? Kannon is drawn here in charcoal, with a touch of gold marker on the eyes and eyebrows. The idea sprang from watching my own two cats dash maniacally around my apartment. I think cats spend so much time between sleeping and perching on windowsills and the backs of chairs looking regal that the stress of looking impressive builds up and every so often they have to let it go by tearing around the house as if small, sharp-toothed rodents were gnawing on their rear ends. So this is Kannon relieving his stress by having a catfit and springing around like a lunatic. On the far right, he's recovering and looking a little embarrassed by the display.
The poses are taken from a beautiful book of dance photos I borrowed from my aunt over a year ago and have yet to return. * guilty look *

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Character copyright Diana, 2002
Image copyright Bridgie, 2002