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I didn't think much of Dylan until I started drawing him. I don't mean that I thought he was a bad character, I mean that I just accepted what appeared on the surface and didn't look any deeper. But after reading his bio I got a very strong impression of him, stronger than I had from most of the other characters, and found I was more able to get into his head, which is sort of scary, but interesting. I was never abused as a child, but I can understand the lingering trauma and anger, the extreme protectiveness toward his mother, and his feelings toward his absent father. So I focused on that, rather than his status as a storm god and antagonist. This drawing is of Dylan as a younger child, cowering during a fight between his parents and clutching a stuffed toy for comfort.
I wrote the background writing before drawing the picture, and in placing it in the background I had to abbreviate it some. The full paragraph is available by email request.
I considered doing the drawing in white ink, just light and shadow, but my attempts didn't come out so well, so I reverted to colored pencil, and I like the results. Pikachu may not be accurate. I never watched Pokemon (in fact, I find it one of the scarier aspects of Dylan's personality that he likes it), and I was afraid to look for a reference site, so I just fudged it. The haiku is my third favorite of the ones I've written, although it might be overloaded with metaphors.

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Character copyright Diana, 2002
Image copyright Bridgie, 2002