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I wanted Daisuke's portrait to be a sort of misty, romantic style. I considered using acrylics, but settled on oil pastels instead, for simplicity's sake. When I was younger, before I did much with colored pencils, I used to love oil pastels for their blending capabilities, and also because they make a huge mess. The trouble with them is that you lose a lot of detail. My color range was limited in this case as well, and I'm not too happy with the background, but the figure of Daisuke turned out nicely. But I'm not even going to question why he's reading manga naked in bed.
I think the haiku is pretty self-explanatory. It's the only really humorous one of the bunch. You gotta love a character who can be the love interest *and* the comic relief.

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Character copyright Diana, 2002
Image copyright Bridgie, 2002