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Byrd is another character I didn't have a lot of insight into until I started drawing him, partially because I didn't bug Diana for information, partially because he seems to be a rather indifferent and enigmatic character to begin with. Visually, however, he's one of my favorites, largely because I've got a thing for red hair and appreciate men with slender, wiry builds. Also, I feel terrible saying this, but I like the cigarette. I know how dumb smoking is, I'd never do it myself, I know it's bad for one's health, but dammit, it *does* look kinda cool. (If there's any small children reading this, although I am from Virginia, I do not represent a tobacco company, and I certainly don't think you should smoke. This has been a public service announcement. Thank you.)
My original idea was to cut out pictures of birds from various nature magazines and paste them in a mosaic-collage type image, but my roommate pointed out that this would be a monthlong project in and of itself, so I abandoned that idea pretty quick. I intended to draw Byrd in a sketchy pen style, but as I began to do the pencil lines, I noticed a random doodle on my calendar at work, with very thick black inking lines and crosshatched color. I decided to try that on Byrd, with a slightly fancier inking style than I normally use. I'm very pleased with the results, especially his expression and the bird-shaped wisp of smoke.
Unfortunately, I don't think much of the haiku on this one. My basic idea was that no one could be *that* indifferent to what's going on around him, so it must be a mask. I don't know if this is really the case or not. Anyway, he was fun to draw and I look forward to finding out more about him someday.
On a random note, the song 'Angel of the Silences' by Counting Crows gets stuck in my head every time I think about this picture. The lyrics are rather appropriate:
Well I guess you left me with some feathers in my hands
Did it make it any easier to leave me where I stand
I guess there might not be too many who would stand beside you now...

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Character copyright Diana, 2002
Image copyright Bridgie, 2002