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Hello fellow movie buffs. Ever saw a flick and was just bursting at the seems to tell someone about it? Ever saw a flick that had serious issues and you felt the need to warn fellow patrons to save themselves the anguish and mulah? Well here's the place!

This section of our website is actually kind of new, so we're not quite sure yet just exactly how it will work. You guys and gals got any ideas, now's the time to speak up. For now we'll be listing up-coming flicks that we think might be worth checking out. We'll also be listing below movies already in theaters and/or DVD that we had comments on. Seen any good performances on stage that you wanted to share? We'd like to hear about that too! Feel free to write us at and give us your two cents.

Coming Soon to Theaters:
Harry Potter June 2004
Van Helsing May 2004

Lord of the Rings Trilogy Pirates of the Caribbean
League of Extraordinary Gentleman Underworld
Peter Pan The Passion of the Christ

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