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Week beginning 16th June 2003

22nd June 2003

Well, it's been a somewhat turbulent week, after finally dealing with the 'hacking' problem (which turned out not to be even script kiddeing), I'm on Angelfire, and hopefully gonna get the site working. I turned 17 on Tuesday, hurrah. And I got my cable modem working again on Wednesday, another hurrah. And I put some more touches on the current version of my modification of Arkguil Tower Defense on War3 today. I'll get around to putting a page up for it, sometime.

Week beginning 9th June 2003

11th June 2003

My first journal? What to write? What's be happening, I suppose... Obviously, I got the site up and running, the background is something I did ~3 months ago, just messing with paint, which I snazzed up with MS Photoeditor... I know... it hurts my eyes too... but it looks great as long as you aren't trying to read the text. Hmmmm. Other daily goings on... No homework tonight, woo-hoo! I only set my computer back up yesterday, after it all went horribly wrong. (Well, not horribly, I just can't get into the settings tab on display properties.) Unfortunately, a reinstall of Windows in an attempt to fix that a) didn't work b) lost the drivers for my cable modem. Back to dial-up until my ISP get their heads out of their rather fat backsides and email me the drivers (I lost the disk :-[ ). All's quiet on the D2 front, 5 of the 8 characters on my primary account are all unplayable owing to the need to xfer stuff :-(, my charged bolt sorcie is doing ok, I finally saved up to get my merc back, and Duriel promptly despatched him. Some dimwit offered me a white ring yesterday... I told him it was a hack and called him a moron, I was told to 'STFU noob', i love pubbies. Haven't played much War3 lately, I can live without the 'mexican', 'lagger', 'OMG don't host on 56k' etc.. comments from the group of people who I fear I may one day join, cable elitests - let us hope that day isn't soon. I really hold nothing against 56k, although data transfer is slow for sending maps to people, 70Mb downloads etc, 56k (mine, at least) is fine for war3, the game was designed to get all the data it needed down 56kbps bandwidth, there's no reason, therefore for 56k to lag, maybe I'm just lucky. 1