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17th June 2003
Oh dear, oh dear, that was the lamest excuse for hacking I've EVER seen, it didn't even close the HTML tags in the modifications. Well, I've finally worked out how it was done, the culrpit knows my birthday, postcode and primary school, so just had Geocities give them a new password for my account. Changed to new hosting, problem solved.
The first of my files is up.

16th June 2003
hahahahaha that was the funniest thing I ever saw! how humourous, you can 'hack' into a nearly empty site and fill it with javascript, aren't you the smart one? Enjoy your life, moron.
AOB: hopefully gonna put some more features up soon, I've got my vine and spirit discussions to put up, and some absolutely super Qbasic programmes to put on, one of them works like a signal generator (that's finished, so it'll be up just as soon as I get around to putting up a page for it), a temperature convertor, put in a temperature in centigrade, farenheit, kelvin or rankin, and it'll give you the equivalent temperature in the other three (this one's only theoretical [i.e. only on paper], but won't take too long to write. It even has a nifty feature to insult you if you make a mistake). And finally, a programme to do the trapezium rule thing, which is related to integration. I've started this one, so it might not take quite so long :-)

11th June 2003
Hurrah, some site it up!, specifically my weekly journal more to come.