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Although going by the name of Paul Swartz in real life, Z goes by the name of Palu in the typo loving world of BNL Chat. He was born on March 24, 1985, and currently lives in a suburb of DC. Keeping him company are his two computers, Bean and Moo, and a dog, Zoe. He also has a peculiar fascination with penguins that is left only to our imaginations.

Due to tests of a strange brain-ray, Palu cannot remember when he began to appreciate the lyrical "stylings" of the Barenaked Ladies, but from fragments of conversations stolen from victims, he believes it to be the radio. Currently owned BNL albums include MYSD, BOAPS, Maroon, and GH#1. In his spare time, he serves as the Chat's technical wizard, but makes time for friends, reading, programming, and occasionally schoolwork. When he's not doing that, he's fantasizing about...yes, penguins.

Palu's alias Z3Penguin comes from a gross mispelling of "The Penguin". Since we in the BNL Chat are too lazy to spell out anything we have shortened it to Z (Zed in Canada), and there lies the secret of his existence. Of course, now it's no longer a secret...