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  1. My Cheese Hurts
  2. Ed is a sex emu...and hes gay too
  3. Steve is a sex llama
  4. Kata is a ghetto horse
  5. Becca makes a sailor sound like a 12 year old girl
  6. Elise is Brittany Spears
  7. Kata hates Jason
  8. Jason hates Kata
  9. Beware of the Skippy
  10. We are all fr33ks
  11. Everyone must have a pseudo name
  12. All the barenaked ladies are gay
  13. Lar is allowed to and is required to randomly tickle and poke people as well as lick.
  14. Kata, Elise, and Sandra STILL have my rent-a-eds! GIVE HIM BACK!!!
  15. Becca will probaly have the rent-a-kev FOREVER
  16. The diddle song is the unofficial chatroom anthem
  17. When all else fails do the diddle dance!
  18. Everyone loves tote bags
  19. The room should come with an automated warning.
  20. Becca is the queen of typos. She has in fact made a new language with her typos.
  21. Becca wants to hide in Jim's ass case....cause Jim's ass is so big
  22. People get inside other people's brains all the time
  24. Elise is elsie, jello is ollej and becca and kata are just uh..
  25. qvc is the devil
  26. Dont get becca started on kev.
  27. We have a BNL Chat hot tub, but you have to be naked and invited by becca or elise to sit in it.
  28. Jason is not allowed in the hot tub
  29. Becca is obsessed with her BNL sims and getting them to perform gay acts
  30. Lar has been taken over by monopoly
  31. The singalong wheel is holy...no matter what Kata says...
  32. Becca is Bexxa, according to Jason
  33. umm, are we supposed to talk about BNL?
  34. We like to droll
  35. we have Jason and jason. capitolization is everything
  36. Grills get stepped on regularly
  37. This place is infested with ghetto racoons
  38. The 'aim regulars' are...well, irregular.
  39. We are all pron stars with our own websites.
  40. Sandy has an endless list of screenames. As does Becca.
  41. Someone dies every two minutes.
  42. Kevin (bnlgeek) is quiet. Becca likes to provoke the quiet ones...
  43. Becca is NOT the "other Becca"
  44. When trying to get LR tickets...everyone is everyone else's best friend,and we arn't afraid of giving out our credit card numbers in IMs to people we never met.
  45. Jello is a turkish texan
  46. Alicia is Lushious Lisha
  47. Dana loves her new car
  48. Ernie...my hand is purple, I can't go to the beach
  49. we talk about sex more than we talk about BNL
  50. John likes to provoke people...so does Jason. DO NOT LET THEIR PATH CROSS!
  51. Amy is the barenaked grandma at a whopin' 26
  52. Becca feels old....but she never acts her age.
  53. Kata likes to record random acoustic rap songs for becca
  54. Improv is our best freind
  55. umm...what are we talking about again?
  56. WAY too much information is shared on a regular basis
  57. If you don't chat for 3 days, we think you are dead.
  58. Shep and Lar are lovers
  59. Nick looks like Matt Damon. no matter what he says...he does.
  60. There are too many ppl with 'lover' in their screen name!!
  61. People steal other people's fonts and then confuse the chat room.
  62. Bigamy is very popular.
  63. Everyone is everyone's wife or husband by some far relation.
  64. Lar is Jello's father, lover, child and head inhabitant.
  65. Jello and Kata are Becca's children. Jared and Lar are her lovers...at least according to the soap.
  66. Everyone is the godfather's children
  67. Jello lives in the timezone of hell.
  68. Kata is the inhouse rock star
  69. Lar is the inhouse pimp
  70. Shep is the speedo god
  71. Becca is the inhouse ho
  72. Elise's last name is a sexual act.
  73. We all love british slang
  74. Amy and Mcbecca are dirty brits.
  75. Amanda is god.
  76. Elise likes to eat knees.
  77. You can't spell naked without Ed.
  78. You know you've been in the chatroom for too long when you have at least 20 names and you know everyone's 20 names.
  79. We are a mafia.
  80. Jello often gets power hungry.
  81. Slint is holy.
  82. Kata is the slint god.
  83. Elise is the slint nazi. When she is of absence Jello takes her spot proudly.
  84. We have 2 Maggies, 2 Beccas, 2 Amys, 2 Katies, and 3 Saras. Where's YOUR evil twin?
  85. When in confusion go in Kata's confusion corner, but touch her guitar and she will saw your arm off.
  86. We are all really BNL members.
  87. Jello is a fredophile and a mandophile.
  88. The "H" is silent.
  89. Helena and Sandra are Canedians
  90. They met Ed.
  91. Rachel and Leanna are students of the Steven Page School of Dance.
  92. Everyone eventually drag their life friends to the room.
  93. We are not allowed to have lives.
  94. Kata is not allowed to be 100 miles close to an animal.
  95. Kata's pets are always either cannibalistic, schizophrenic, incestious, gay or mentally retarded.
  96. Sandy and Grace are Ed and Steve and love doing the One Week dance.
  97. Underlined words are not always links.
  98. Sandy greets people she REALLY likes with a .... which is quite often.
  99. Ed is built like Amanda.
  100. 90% of the time someone says something funny Sandy has food or drink in her mouth that end up out of her mouth.
  101. Bill is occasionally a poodle