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On the first day the earth created god. Her name is Amanda Laureen Davis and she owns us all in one way or another. Manda-Panda was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut on January 4th, 1980. She grew up in central Connecticut and when she graduated she moved to Boston with her parents moving to wester Mass. When Amanda was in highschool she wanted a puppy but she couldn't have one so instead she got goldfish and named them "Spot" and "Fido". This deprived childhood accounts for many questions we today ask about miss Davis. Today, she is looking for a pet to spite her landlord's "no pet rule". The pet must be easily hidden, not a fish, and not a ferrit. All suggestions are welcome. god is a senior at the Boston Conservatory majoring in Music Education. When she graduates she plans o teaching part time high school choir, corrupting the young and musical youth of America, and getting her masters in Opera performence.

When she was a sophomore in high school Amanda and her friend Nancy decided to go horseback riding and she and her sister Nicole had a road trip mix tape to play. They told her she'd love this band and put on a million dollars. They told her a bit about the culprits, mainly about them being Canadian, overweight and funny. Although they shnizzled her nizzle she never bothered to look them up. The next year "It's All Been Done" hit radio waves. She had the bridge stuck in her head for 2 weeks but didn't knwo the rest of the song nor that it was sung by BNL. Finally salvation would come. When she moved to Boston she bought Rock Spectacle, saw them playing at Mixfest and that was that. She was hooked like a fish on a fishing rod.

god was one of the first people in the AIM chat. She was called godmother by some uninformed individuals which caused a few problems. Since there was a Godfather (Don Nosong) and there was a mother (Mama Class), it was decided to simply shorten her name to "god". This heavenly force likes to sing, find out about new music, and go to shows at local bars. In one word: music. She has a strange and unidentified addiction to barenaked people of Boston, particularly one under the name of "Sarah." In her free time Amanda practices "happy kicks", "robot arms" and "scratching faces". When all done together it looks like a new form of dance to hit dancefloors everywhere in 2004. Just you wait!