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Black Shuck's Alternate History Page

Hello, my name is Richard Brown and I graduated with a degree in history from the University of Huddersfield in northern England only just over three years ago.

Pics of me on the day I graduated

Me and my parents at my mum's 60th birthday

Me and my nephew Charlie

I first became really interested in alternate history when I started to read the World War and Great War/American Empire novels of Harry Turtledove.

I have found that there is an added bonus in alternate history. I have learnt more about the history of our timeline. Take for example my TL "Weird America". In doing the research for this timeline I have learned a great deal about American history that I was previously unaware of.

If you're wondering about Black Shuck here he is.

I have an older website here which I don't update anymore.

My birthday is on 25th June. On that day in 1876 The Battle of the Little Bighorn aka Custer's Last Stand took place


The Second Heptarchy What if Harold II of England wasn't killed by William of Normandy at Hastings but by Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge?? This is based on an idea I first got at university while doing a course on Anglo-Saxon England

Weird America What if the British won the War of 1812??. I've also got some ideas for this one that would make John Wayne spin in his grave!!

The New Old World A spin-off from Weird America. Sharing the same POD (Napoleon dies during the retreat from Moscow). How would this change the map of Europe??

Conte de Deux Rois A partially successful restoration of the French monarchy after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1

Alternate Fourth Crusade The Fourth Crusade attacks Venice not Constantinople

Pages I used for research

War of 1812-14

Regnal Chronologies

Royal Genealogies

World Statesmen

Henri van Oene's Royal Genealogies Page

Dave Liep's Presidential Elections Atlas

The Carlist Wars


US Census data

Thanks must go to JT Tate who has been putting my timelines onto the web and onto his site before I started this site and also Randy McDonald who has been a useful and informative sounding board

Historical Mysteries Homepage

Various Interesting Links(at least I think they are)

Any comments and suggestions will be welcomed vis my guestbook or by e-mail

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