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TRON Stuff

Halloween 2002 Pics! Here's my amazing TRON costume in action! Tons of fun, although lot of people mistook me for a power ranger, or even MegaMan(!). But an elite few knew about this most fantastic movie and recognized me for our favorite electronic hero, TRON!

Here you can get my TRON today screen for Pocket PC, as well as my TRON skin for Pelmar WISbar, an excellent Pocket PC application manager you can get here.

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Above, a screenshot of my TRON theme for Pocket PC.

The TRON wisbar skin, and a small button graphic (good for the "today" button).

The background music for this page is "Ending Titles from TRON", by Wendy Carlos (official webpage here), sequenced by myself. More TRON music soon to come!

Click on one of the songs below to play/download:

Ending Titles

Tron Scherzo

To download the files, right click on one of the links below and select "Save As" from the menu.

Tron Theme (30 kb)
Tron WISBar Skin (30 kb)

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