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Welcome to Abercrombie Petz! We're finally open! It's August 12, 2001!

Hey, there! Welcome to Abercrombie Petz! My name is Jessica, and this is my second petz website. I decided to shut down my first website, Puppylove Kennels and Cattery, for several reasons. To find out why, click here.

Remember that this is a new site, and don't expect it to be perfecct! However, I have put lots of work into it, and I hope you have fun! Enjoy!

Viewing Tips

~I have 800x600, and I have no clue what it looks like in other resolutions.

~Does the pop-up ad annoy you? Yeah, me, too. Just minimize the first one that comes up and it won't bother you again.

I got some of my graphics from Pawmark (but not all of them!). Thanks, Pawmark!

Really, Petz abuse is WRONG!!! Rather the petz are real or virtual!

(c) 2001 and beyond, Jessica Meyers. I really don't have to say more.