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I love taking quizzes (you know, on the internet or in magazines), and I figured some of you enjoy it, too. So, I've decided to put a quiz-of-the-week section on my site! Every week or so, I will change it, so go ahead and take the quiz that's up now!

Are you addicted to Petz?

1. How much time do you spend playing with your Petz each day?

a) Depends. I don't really play with them every day, anyway.
b) Less than two hours.
c) Two hours or more.

2. How many petz websites do you have bookmarked right now?

a) Less than five.
b) 5-10
c) More than 10.

3. Do you have your own Petz website?

a) No.
b) No, but I'm working on one.
c) Duh!

4. Do your friends know about your Petz program?

a) No. I don't think I've ever mentioned Petz around them.
b) Kind of. They know I have the game, but they don't know too much about it.
c) Of course! It's all I talk about!

5. How many of the Petz programs do you own?

a) Just one. My parents gave it to me for my birthday.
b) The newest ones. I just got hooked.
c) All of them, from the original Dogz to Dogz and Catz 4.


Answered mostly A's?

-- What are you doing here? Sure, you like petz and everything, but it's not a big part of your life or anything!

Answered mostly B's?

-- From what I can tell, you love the game, and play it a lot, but it's not your whole life. You'd pick bowling with buds over sitting at the computer and playing with your Dalz and Danez any day. Not to say that you don't like Petz or anything...

Answered mostly C's?

-- My God, you're obsessed! You spend all of your free time either playing with Petz or learning about them. You probably have about ten Petz sites, don't you? It's okay that you love Frisky and Mo, but maybe you need a break. Send them to me and let me board them for a while while you recover!