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Of course, everyone who shows their petz wonders what they're really working for. Are they wasting their time training and taking pictures, all for nothing? Or is something actually happening? To answer that question, something is actually happening, if you're winning. You're earning show points. This is the system that most sites use:

Best in Show: 5 points.
First Place: 4 points.
Second Place: 3 points.
Third Place: 2 points.
Honorable Mention (Fourth Place): 1 point.

Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, so what? Well, after your Petz earns a certain amount of points, you can add a title to the front of their name. This adds prestige.

Reserved Champion (RCh.): 5 points.
Champion (Ch.): 10 points.
Grand Champion (GCh.): 15 points.
Master Grand Champion (MGCh.): 20 points.
Supreme Grand Champion (SGCh.): 30+ points.

Do I even have to say that you stay at the previous title until you earn the required points for the next one? (For instance, if your dogz has nine points, he/she is still a Reserved Champion until he/she earns at least one more point.).