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Haha, I guess you love talking as much as I do! Well, I have a forum now, but I do have a couple of rules. Please read them and abide by them!

I will not tolerate ANY rudeness on my forum! I don't care what you do on your own forum, but please be nice on mine! I know I don't appreciate it when people talk about me, and I'm sure others feel the same way! Any rude messages will be deleted, I have the right to do so!

Please don't impersonate someone else. Come on, now, that is so grade school. People don't want to come on my forum and find a bunch of messages "written by them" that they really didn't write!

My forum is not the place to advertise stuff! I don't care if you post a link to your site and tell a little about it, but please don't flood the forum with messages about it or go on and on and on! That's what the free-for-all links page is for!

Try to keep your conversations about Petz, any version. You can talk about Babyz or Oddballz, too. However, if you want to talk about teen issues or whatever, try It's a great site with awesome forums, and you can talk about non-petz related stuff there, not HERE!!!

Keep your language G-rated, please. Remember, little kids might come on and we don't want them reading stuff they don't need to see, do we?

If you agree to follow the rules, click on the link below to enter.

Enter the Abercrombie Petz Forum