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Are you interested in showing off your terrific catz in a Catz show? Great! This is the place to do it. To enter the Catz show (information below), please fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and then, send me a picture of your Catz in an e-mail. Please do not include any subject body in the e-mail, just put "Catz Show Entry_Petznamehere" as the subject of the message. Thanks.

All catz of all breeds are allowed to enter my show, rather they are of the original breeds, hexed breeds, or mixed breeds. You may also hex-paint your catz, but do not paint the catz with the paintbrush, please! Also, please DO NOT edit the picture! If I even THINK your picture is edited, I will dismiss you from the show! I'm sorry for having to be so harsh, but there are people out there who will cheat. I think that's pretty sad for someone to cheat on something this fun and innocent, but anyway...back on topic. When I've had other shows, I've found that having different classes is pretty difficult, and not enough people enter, anyway. So, I'm going to lump all of the catz into one class, at least until I get more website traffic. I hope you understand. I will be accepting entries until further notice.

Here's the form:

Your Name:

Your email:

Petz' Show Name:

Petz breed: