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Just look at these lovely tikkies, just waiting for a new mommy or daddy...

Look at this pretty little calico! Don't you want her?

This is Peaches, I love her SOOOO much, you have to give a good app. for this one! She's a very experienced mommy, and although she's only first generation, she'd make a great tikky for your breeding program!

What a cutie!

Cutie is an adorable little kitten, you'll love him to death! He's a second generation Calico/Maine Coon, although he looks mostly Cali.

She only looks sweet and innocent...

Snowflake is a first generation Chinchilla Persian. I had trouble with her and my other catz, since she isn't really the sweetest kitty you ever met...


So cute! Second generation Chinchilla Persian/Tabby.

This is one of my favorite Tom catz...I can't believe I'm giving him up!

This is probably the best stud cat I've ever had the joy of owning, somebody adopt him quick before I decide to keep him! First generation Maine Coon.

A real sweetie...

This first generation tabby is a real gentleman...if you adopt him, you'll love him forever, I promise!

Isn't she funky colored? I love it!

I love her coloring...she's only second generation, part CP and part Maine Coon. She's kind of big, but she's still adorable!

This little cutie is so TINY!!!

This baby is sooooo little, it's hard to believe he's full grown! I bet it's hard to believe he has the same parents as Cutie (the kitty above), isn't it?