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as of mar. 28, 2003.

*in no particular order.*

1. own apartment
so I can be good ol' sloppy me n nobody would care. and I would be able to decorate it however I wanted.

2. motorcycle
form of transportation besides my own two feet.

3. snow
to make snowmen with.

4. scanner
what else do you do with a scanner?

5. pocket-size digi camera
the one we had got blown up by a firecracker.

6. automatic citizenship
so I don't hafta wait til November to be able to fly back home to visit.

7. self-confidence
to feel better about myself with.

8. green snot
cuz it looks better than gray snot.

9. be the queen of video games
owning guys at games is fun. (I'm gonna rock your face off at Halo one day, Han. you jus watch.)

10. belongingness
to fit in everywhere I go - like when I'm with my dad's side's cousins, for example.

11. love
unrequited and true. jus like in the movies. cuz i think love's been toying with me long enough...

12. chinese skills
ability to read, write, speak, ANYTHING chinese. why not add in taiwanese, as well?

13. plane tickets
to fly back home with, silly.

14. ability to fly
costs less than plane tickets.

15. huge teddy bear
cuz you promised!

16. drawing skills
to make my own manga with. and so I can fiiiinally make Joce's b-day present... T__T

17. a big boat
so I can ship everything I want from the US back to Taiwan. which leads to...

18. space
a rare thing in Taiwan. to hold my crap I ship back.

19. piano
cuz my mom sold my old one that she PROMISED she would ship back. bum.

20. silver/white gold ring
preferably with a matching guy ring. for him to wear. I find those duet rings very sweet, as a matter of fact. (... stop your puking.)

21. [A+++] song-writing ability
easy way to make $$. haha, actually, i jus need another way to express myself. the $$ is jus a plus. leads to...

22. [rock-your-face-off] guitar skills
to help with the song-writing. and if I can't write good songs, I'd be able to join a band. haha.

23. singing skills
my singing sucks. (contrary to popular belief. you're all deaf, I say, 110% deaf. :P)

24. watch
fossil, preferably. maybe guy style, maybe more girly. I don't really care; I just really need a watch.

additions will be made at a later date.

"You know why they call it a 'wishlist'?
Because what you put on it never comes true! :P"
        - anon.

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