These are all the pics from the function. Jay's are on top, and SHE's are down further (because Jay's more important like that. :P )

If you want prints, send me an email that states which pictures you want. You can pay me back later.

Note: limited to ppl in TAIWAN. Thankee.

這就是杰倫的簽名會和SHE的握手會的照片! 杰倫的先因為他比SHE重要, 嘿嘿 嘿. *ㄌㄩㄝ∼*

如果有人要洗照片的話, 送我一個email, 裡面跟 我講你要洗哪幾張.

JAYchou / taipei_autograph.function [ 2003 08 09 ]

SHE / taipei_superstar.release [ 2003 08 09 ]

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