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Welcome to the official homepage of the Valley's favorite rave palace:

The Dread Barn

Unfortunately, due to recent legal woes, we have been forced to close our otherworld business, and the building itself is currently looking for a new occupier.

I would like to thank the countless underaged, criminal, drunken, drugged, runaway, sexually perverse and animal curious patrons who have graced the two floors of the Dread Barn over the years.

Thank you all.



I'm Doctor Karl Z. Livingston, the operator of the Dread Barn, since moving to the Valley from Dark Summer in 1976. Many of you know me as "Z", or "Doc" or simply as Mr. Hey Oldman.



This is it, my baby, the Dread Barn. When an event was scheduled, we would decorate here thusly, perhaps an hour or two before twilight.



This is the bar in the downstairs area of the Dread Barn, proper. It ran the length of one wall. It has recently been disassembled, for storage in Darksummer.
What people don't realize is that the Barn was once a legitimate party palace, in fact, the Valley's oldest. The first floor of the Dread Barn was, in recent times, occupied by the bar, a dancefloor, small stage, and dj's sanctum. At times, you were able to have a converstion (on first floor.). Below are pictures of some raving revellers at a show put on by Pink Gelatin Skeleton.



Upstairs, known as "Fort Knox" virtue of the sign salvaged from the state park of the same name, things are slightly more versitile. Lights are brighter, movie screens, smoke and mirrors are the decor. But Fort Knox was also the vehicle of new wave plays, poetry readings and pure, wonderous nakedness.
A laser-poetry show at Fort Knox, presented by Venus Wilde, of Venus and the Vamps.
Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, leaving with Seven Jules of Pink Gelatin Skeleton, Robi Juan of Burning Kurds, and Jason Quazy, of Chaos Theory.
A particularly wild rave (apologies for the poor image) celebrating the tenth anniversery of "BobStalk", (a drunken three-day debaucle in the Valley during the swingin' 80, featuring shock bands such as the Vids, the Rolling Rocks, Cumberland Aeroplane, and the Dave Newman Jazz Band). Later that evening, a fire occurred.
Unfortunately, this is all no more. To all who came, I give my sincere thanks and affection. And to whomever takes my place, I say: courage.


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