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Mapleweed Avenue

Welcome to Mapleweed Avenue! This site is dedicated to marijuana. Whether you are high or bored, or both, check out the pages and links. You must be at least 18 to check this site out. Enjoy!


  Marijuana: Nature's Tranquilizer  

Some different ways to smoke

How to roll a joint-Billy's method.

The best way to clean your bong-Tom's way.

Before & After Pics-shows how well Tom's way to clean a bong works.

Johnny Hempseed-everyone should read and do this.

19 pro-pot facts-some interesting shit here.

More dope facts-more interesting shit.

More amazing facts about an amazing plant-read up.

Marijuama Myths-check 'em out.

Weed around the world-take a look at a few other countries pot laws.

How Long 'till 4-20?-the countdown.

Weed Smokin's 20 Rules

A very different way to look at smoking weed.-check it out, kinda makes sense.

The Darwin Awards-always good for a laugh.

Lots of cooler stoner links!!

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