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*~Queen Sue~*


First trip - May 17-20 with Ska-T

Second trip - July 27-May 18 2002 We are gettin a place in Hilo!

I Moved!- To Connecticut!



Suzen is the one of the coolest peepz I know. Since she rocks major ass I decided to make her the queen of the island. She finally got some of her poetry published!...and hopefully a book deal will come thru! Mad Propz!


Take Is Sue a Hottie Quiz! - I got 90..what kind of shit is that?


The Eye That Hides - It's gonna be published in a book! How cool is she?

Blinded - The coolness continues!

Ka Nani Kaikamahine- She kicks ass dude!

The Stoners Lament of Love- Here's another one...

Forgot the title for this one...doh!