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Beautiful dark mysterious eyes
Beautiful light tan skin
Who is this mysterious stranger
Whose heart of mine she did so win.
I look away to hide my adoration
I look away to hide my heart.
This was a game she won
with an utmost beautiful start.
She was a treasure I found
On a distant tropical Island.
Her voice the most beautiful sound
with lipz so soft I also soon found.
Content to lay in her arms all day
Content to feel her next to me.
I never want to leave her for
She has become my real life fantasy.
I close my eyes and think of her
I feel her close and smell her hair.
I close my eyes and hear her breathe
I feel her emotions, I miss her stare.
Shez all of my thoughtz
All of my passion intertwined as one
Shes my dream counterpart
Shes my neo/the one.
It's not Another Lonely Day
Those will now be memories fast,
For once I can now honestly say,
I found someone special, someone made to last.
This Island beauty I won't ever let go
Without something I never want to know.