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 The place i once lived!


!907 N Alder Spa House (My old House)-My old roomies!

 Shinn, Ketchum, ED, and  Ben

Paulie, Morgan, & Shinn- Spring Break Road Trip

Snoqualmie Falls - Yes! Crack it is!

Pi Beta Phi Mystery-Dirty Principles and Good Girls..

Beach Pre-Func - At Erika's House

RHCP and Foo Fighters at the Gorge! - What a concert!

The UPS Softball Girls - Beach Pre-Func (A phi's, Theta's, and G-phi's)

Jamie and I - Bid Day at Gamma Phi Beta

Lepel's 22nd Birthday- Roger the Pimple Assed Stripper

Shinner and Triple K - Where is Roger?

Wohoo Shinn - Roger and Shinn

Yacker's New Baby- His Baby...A900! VROOM VROOM