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Online Assignment Calendar

Hi! This portion of the site is designed to help the 8th grade Syzygy team with homework and school. I will try to keep up to date with assignments and homework. I would say to check often (you know how often you don't notice a Bowen assignment on the board, and no one writes it down).


Half-day. All I know is that P.4 got back their binders and possibly watched a movie.

Spanish 1-

P.2=Watch stupid video on Mexican fiestas. Avoid the topic of bullfighting and animal cruelty.


Read all of 12-1. The Sec Ass, Critical Thinking, and Practice are due tomorrow but we had class time.

Geometry 1-

Turn in 13-3B and get it back for a 5 pt. grade. Book check. Quiz on 13:1-4. Continue notes on 13-4 and did the worksheet, 13-4A (#8 assignment) Homework: P. 762 #1-11, 13-23/P.768 #1-10 (#9 assignment)


Half day=n/a. Vocabulary due tomorrow.


  1. Friday 04.18.02: Spanish test. Vocabulary quiz.
  2. Monday 4.21.02: n/a.