All About Me Me Me!
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This is your me. This is your me on angelfire (not drugs... nooo, not drugs... that's your brain).

My name is Lisa, as you know. I'm short, cute, funny, and absotively, posilutely annoying! I look something along the lines of this:

And these, people, are my purdy good friends:

(Left to right: Katie, Mina, Ashley, Heather, Lauren, Amanda E, Amanda M, Meera, Anna, Stephanie I, Nick/Pseu, Adam R, Matt D, and Matt W.)

My Favs... (Lisa recommends-->)

Beauty product: "Alterna Enzymetherapy Hempseed Straightening Balm" Works like a charm. Nothing straightens better, while getting down frizzies and static. Just started using it myself.

Clothing brand: "Old Navy" It's affordable,. with style. What more could you want?

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By Lisa :)