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WLMS/My Editorial

When I chose to start an editorial section, I knew that more than half of you would disagree with me about most stuff I wrote; well, I'm ok with that. I just put a messageboard up for you to share your thoughts on my pieces. It's controversy, but live with that. I'll update weekly.

Ban Writing (a skill!!!) in Schools

There's something about certain pieces of writing that just can't catch your attention. Or maybe they can, they just can't keep them. Some people simply aren't meant to write; their words don't flow together smoothly, leaving you, the innocent reader, skipping over misplaced commas and semicolons and missing the entire point of the lexile. Well, I don't care. I honestly don't.

Being able to throw an excellent touchdown is a skill. A split (a real one!) in dance or aerobics is a skill and, hell, I should know because I couldn't do one if my life and the life of a moose depended on it. And you all know how much I love my meese! Yes, that spelling was by purpose, thank you very much. Well, writing is a skill. You either have it or you don't, and if you don't I feel no pity for you. After all, would you shed a tear for someone who couldn't do a handstand?

I like to think that I'm a good writer. My aspiration in life (okay, since I was six) has been to become an author, and I still stick by it. I do very well in english in school and always score wonderfully on compositions.

But, just like the talent of burping the alphabet, it still is a skill. Should we be graded on how well we can belch twenty-six letters? No! Then why on earth are we graded on our writing, which is a skill (if you can't already tell, I'm trying to drill this whole skill thing into your head), when it is preposterous to be graded on our reggae dancing abilities (picture a nice, red F for me)?

You may be thinking, "Shutup, smart person. You can write, so why do you give a rat's ass about other's writing abilities?" Well, that's just the kind, generous, selfless (modest!) person I am. Not. A huge, red "not" as big as that "F" for reggae dancing. I simply think that it's wrong (ah yes, and extremely boring to learn).

Teachers will undoubtedly argue that since they teach methods of it in school, we should have to learn and pass our writing assignments. Again, I diagree; you could sit in a large room for hours and try to teach me to do a split and you'd get nowhere. You could take me to the best reggae dance class in the world and you'd get nowhere. You can--ok, my self-esteem is plummeting so I imagine you get the idea.

So you're thinking now, "Okay, you're right. Now, what do we do?" Like I have any idea... I'm just a whiny editorial reporter that sits on her ass and rants and then reads over what she wrote and decides if it's good enough to go up on a site that no one reads. Bite me.

Tell me your opinions