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Tuesday, Dec, 12 2002
OK a huge ammount of Monster Rancher scans haev gone up on the MonserRancher3 Page which took forever and sooner or later i swear i AM going to fix some of the other crap on this site,.... but not now. hehe.
Tuesday, july 16 2002 (agian)
There i couldn't sleep so i've fixed the Art section partially,.... damned three fucking folders of shit,... ::more grumbling::

Tuesday July 16 2002
There i've done the Me page finally, granted it could be more detailed but sooner or later i'll get around to it..... added little thumb nails fro my Livejournal and my PRETTYs, which all need to be rescanned,.. ::sigh:: oh well more to do, MR3 has a new background as well as actual content, Mog has a background and i'm gonna do Pell's soon. yay it looks halfway done now....
Friday,July 12 2002
From now on i'm going to use my Livejournal.com account instead of the journal here. why you ask? becasue i'm lazy. period. plus i don't know what that fuck i'd say here that i wouldn't say there. sooner or later i'm going to spiff up the overall look of this place but first i suppose i should make somesort of wossname,... a banner thing,... i guess,... sooner or later i'll pick out the background for the annoying site about me,... either that or i'll switch it with this one and put a crappier one here,... since i rather like this background if only i could get it sized properly i'd be a happier camper, not that i'm camping mind you but if i were i'd be happierishly,... or soemthing of the wossname.
oh well in anycase, it's all going along quite slowly. good for me.

Saturday,June 22 2002)
i redo my site, this will be a long and annoying process, but i plan on carring it out, why you ask? because i'd like to get the pratice. for what you ask? WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU ASKING! why such anger you ask? SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!! Why such vile language you ask?::thick russian accent:: OK I BEAT YOU IN SKULL NOW!!!