My Opposition to School Uniforms

*Please note that this essay is complete and total BS that I wrote for Creative Writing class. Thank you.*


A topic of much controversy among both public and private schools alike is the requirement of school uniforms. While some may believe that uniforms would make our schools a better place, I firmly disagree and am strongly opposed to the use of uniforms.

Schools use uniforms for several reasons. First of all, the schools claim that uniforms make students more equal. This is quite untrue. A school can standardize uniforms all they want, but it will not make all students equal in the eyes of their peers. Unfortunately, there is really nothing that faculty can do to alter students’ views of their fellow classmates. Students will always judge others. Enforcing uniforms just eliminates one factor, therefore not solving the problem. This argument that schools use is pointless.

Second, you will find that most students do not enjoy wearing school uniforms. I have concluded that most middle-schoolers find uniforms to be uncomfortable and annoying. On most teenagers, the uniforms do not fit correctly, therefore significantly adding to the dislike of the uniforms. Let me provide you with an example. Say Susie is a regular middle school girl in the eighth grade. She likes school, but does not have many friends. All her classmates make fun of Susie because her uniform fits really weird and looks odd on her. They laugh at her and make crude jokes both to her face and in front of her back. Eventually, Susie is emotionally scarred, and goes on to try to seek revenge on her classmates. Not too appealing, eh? Though this example may seem quite extreme, it could happen.

Also, the sizing of uniforms has proved to be quite inconsistent. Many uniform-wearers can confirm this, especially those who are required to buy uniforms from Sue Mills. Due to the inconsistency of sizing, both students and parents will be forced to waste time in uniform stores, and as they say, time is money.

Schools argue that parents will save money by buying their children uniforms. This is not so. You will find that most uniforms that parents are required to buy cost much more the clothes their child would wear otherwise. Also, they are forced to buy not only uniforms, but also wardrobes for summer, winter, church, and so on and so force. In the end, the parents will be spending just as much as, if not more than they would have spent otherwise.

Fifth, schools claim that uniforms promote unity. Just because people where the same clothes, does not mean that they will be unified! All that it does is robs students of their individuality. Early on, uniforms are sending the message to kids that conformity is good and that they need to be more like their peers. This is effecting not only the students but the economy also. Since students are not allowed to express their creativity and individuality, they do not learn to express these things at all! Where are our future writers, actors, designers, producers, teachers, etc. going to come from?! Virtually every career in today’s economy is dependent having relatively creative thoughts. Yet we stunt these creative thoughts early on by requiring uniforms.

As you can see, uniforms are not a good solution to a school’s problem. I have presented five arguments opposing uniforms, but there are still many more out there. Some may disagree with my opinion, but that is their choice. In my opinion, uniforms are not a solution to schools’ problem and should be removed from schools altogether.